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Information on the 2 page Ad in Arabian Horse World 

This group ad is open to any  breeder who uses Babson lines as any part of their desert bred preservation program.  

Please reserve your space if you wish to be part of the ad.  For the July ad we are accepting only 26 participants.  The cost is $40 each that is due ASAP after signing on.

I have reserved 2 pages in the Arabian Horse World insert for the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse, Al Khaima. 

The goal of this ad is to educate and provide information to the reader of the Arabian Horse World about the influence the Babson lines have contributed to Arabian bloodlines.  

Although I will send out a broadcast message to as many breeders as I know that use Babson blood, I would appreciate it if you would inform any other breeders you think may have an interest in this group.   The link to this page appears on the "News" page of our website  


You may wish to look at the previous Babson Influence Group ads as they appeared in Al Khaima  in Arabian Horse World.  The 2012 ad is planned to be similar to these ads.

November 2004          July 2005          November 2005  


The first of the 2 pages will be devoted to explaining what a Babson is.  The second page will have the address information of the participants (sponsors).  Good historic photos will be used.  We are not using any photos of living horses but if you have a great old photo of a horse, please send it.  I welcome it for future consideration.  

If you wish to have full page ad contact Jon Michael for more information.  The full page price is an amazing bargain with a lot of exposure for your farm and breeding program.

As an embedded section in "Arabian Horse World,"
Al Khaima  reaches over 10,000 avid Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts. 

Accolades for the earlier issues have been received from Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.  

The cost of the ad will be split between all of the advertisers.  The ad price is greatly reduced, thanks to the staff of Arabian Horse World.  With 26 advertisers on a 2 page spread the cost will be $40 per advertiser.  A bargain indeed as 2007 ad price was $47!  The payment is due as soon as you are confirmed as a participant.   Please send your check ASAP.  If you are slow to send your check, you can be replaced by a more enthusiastic breeder.  A "check received" note will be sent out when your check arrives.

The checks need to be made out to: The Institute For The Desert Arabian Horse and mailed to:   Diana Johnson  20712 West Durango   Buckeye,  AZ   85326  

E-mail  with any questions.  

In addition to your check, we will need the following information from you for your listing.   Sending it by e-mail is encouraged as it does not need to be retyped and risk possible errors.  Please proof your information before sending it.  

You have 6 lines of 30 characters (including spaces) for your listing.  Traditionally we have used the following format but you may adapt the lines, in case you have an extra long website address or farm name.  


Farm Name  


City,  State   ZIP

Phone number

E-mail OR Website address

If you missed this ad opportunity, we plan another Babson Influence Group ad for Al Khaima in the July 2006 issue of AHW.

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