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  The Latest News

He doth nothing but talk of his horse.
William Shakespeare ~ The Merchant of Venice


This is a place for farm news, show results and other messages.  It will be added to as we have news or information to put up.  Check back periodically to see what is happening.  The most recent news will be at the top of the page.  Your cursor placed on the photos will give more information about the subject.    

 Technology Gremlins

Bint Saafada and a UFO - Could Aliens be the cause of the connection problems?  

      If you are having trouble reaching us by email it is due to a problem with our internet connection.  Keep the notes coming, we will eventually get them and reply.  I have been adding photos and stories to the website that will appear as the connection allows me to upload.

We switched from "dial up" to "broadband" and have had problems ever since.  It can be weeks between connections that last more than a few minutes.  If exhaustion permits, this winter when the days get shorter and the evenings longer I should be able to spend enough time with Tech Support to get this problem solved.  

Hopefully this challenge of technology is to be solved soon. 


Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ is now Ibn Sabbah Bedu+//.  A year after Sabbah joined the Celestial Herd and ten years after Sabbah was last shown, we got a letter from the Arabian Horse Association saying he had earned enough points while he was showing to receive his Legion of Excellence (+//) award!

Sadly we lost our dear Almoraima Ceniza in March 2012.  She was 23 years old and had been "family" for 19 years.  Ceniza was always happy and willing to do anything that was asked of her.  She was a very special friend.

We Are Celebrating!!!

Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbbah Bedu+/  x  Fabah Mahrena) was ridden by owner Teri Kelley to the 2011 Region 7 Reserve Championship in AOTR Trail in Scottsdale. 

This is their first show since Fall of 2009. We are so proud of this talented team and are again looking forward to cheering them on in their future adventures, in and out of the show ring.  Congradulations!!!!


Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ 
January 7, 1985 - January 5, 2011

A beautiful rose memorial wreath send by Cyndi, one of his favorite fans.

Sabbah was a "once in a lifetime" horse for us.  He did everything we ever asked of him and did it beyond our dreams.  He is greatly missed.

Sabbah is being honored by an article in the February 2011 issue of The Arabian magazine published in the United Kingdom.  

Sabbah at 25 years young

More about our dear Sabbah


Sabbah at 25 years - June 2010

Ahmed Fabo SBE Daughter in Belgium! 
Welcome to the Beautiful Bouncing Belgian Baby Babson Bint!

We are celebrating with the Bo DeCort family in Belgium the birth of a very special Straight Babson Egyptian filly on June 9, 2010.  They are planning to name her Asmaa Fa Bar.  Asmaa means "first."  May she be only the first of  many more fabulous fillies for them!          Asmaar Fa Bar - Isn't she a beauty!

Asmaa Fa Bar

Josh Tali Barakah dancing here in the Arizona sunshine.

Her mom, Josh Tali Barakah, came to us early last May to be bred to our Babson Dressage Champion Ahmed Fabo before catching a flight last fall across the Atlantic enroute to her eagerly awaiting new home in Belgium.  

Josh Tali Barakah

The birth of this long awaited filly gives their SBE program two mares to be bred to their beautiful black Babson stallion Masada Bahir.  A new Straight Babson Egyptian breeding program has a new addition, half a world away!   CONGRATULATIONS!  

 Snoopy Dancin' on two Continents!

Masada Bahir

2010 Bint Al Bahr Babson Foals 
The proud sire Ru Fadl Esswad is 28 years young in 2010!

"Sudan Sharif" (x Sah Barou Sudana) was foaled prematurely on February 25th.   Although he lived only 4 weeks, we spent 5 months trying to save his life.  He was a very brave and beautiful colt.  We greatly miss him.   Sudan Sharif's story 

"Sudan Sharif"

Bint Saafada  (x Dahma Saafada) At 19 years old Saafada gave us a long awaited filly on March 2nd  Yes, finally a Saafada daughter!!!!   More on Bint Saafada.

Bint Saafada

 Kamah Sharif (x Fabah Mahrena) was born on April 2nd.  He is a bold moving colt with a lot of character!  More on Kamah Sharif 

Kamah Sharif

TA DA!!! Ru Fadl Esswad Babson (2009) Filly and (2010) Colt!

Introducing 2010 SBE colt, Fay El Esswad born March 14th.  "Beau" was bred by Elizabeth Dawsari and is co-owned with Carolyn Jacobson (co-owner of the sire).   The proud momma is Ru Bint Fasaad (Fasaad x Ru Taberah).  This colt has all six 1932 Babson  imports but does not have the prolific sire Ibn Fa-Serr in his pedigree.  
Beate Wallawach Ph


Introducing Ru Fa Andele (pending) SBE filly owned and bred by Frank and Linda Bochansky of New River Arizona.  On October 19th 2009 the 2002 Babson mare Aareebah (Bedu Sabir x Almoraima Alegria) gave birth to a beautiful chocolate bay filly.  

After 12 years of retirement Ru Fadl Esswad is a proud daddy again!  More Babson foals from him are expected in 2010.    

Love the angelic Babson "halo!"

Frank Bochansky photo

US Nationals Bound - Cheer him on!

UPDATE -  Fabah Serr was diagnosed with a mild case of laminitis while he was getting ready for Nationals.  He did not make the trip this year but is expected to make a full recovery and be back in competition in the spring of 2011.  Watch for him!

Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbbah Bedu+/  x  Fabah Mahrena) will be showing in Trail at 2009 US Nationals.  His owner Teri Kelley will show him on Oct. 29th and 31st in the Amateur Trail classes.  Jeff Williams will show him in Open classes on Oct. 28th and 30th.  Go  Babson Go!

Please cheer them on from where ever you are!


A Beautiful Bouncing Baby Babson Bint!!!


On February 24th Sah Barou Sudana foaled a fancy 2009 bay filly by our Dressage Champion Ahmed Fabo.  She is athletic, beautiful and very sweet.  We couldn't be happier with her.  

For more photos of her and her pedigree. 

Scottsdale 2009 Results

Teri Kelly and her Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x Fabah Mahrena) earned TWO Scottsdale Top Tens in Trail (AOTR and ATR) on Sunday February 15th at the prestigious Scottsdale Arabian show!  We are so proud of Teri and "Fabahito."   We're Snoopy Dancin'!

Just before the show The Institute for the Desert Arabian announced its 2008 Drinker of the Wind awards.  Fabahito earned a Top Ten ranking!    

Three Babsons made the awards group, all were bred by Bint Al Bahr Babson Arabians!  Mah Sabbah Bedu (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x Bint Roulett), owned by Keith Kosel and Susan Mayo earned a Drinker of the Wind Top Ten.  Nefrett (Ibn Mahrouf x Bint Roulett) owned by Keith Kosel earned a Top Ten in the community show division.     Go Team Babson!

A Star Shines on in our Hearts

A Native American song tells us the starry cluster beaming, in the blue of midnight skies, ancients say a star is added, when a good woman dies...  

The Arabian horse, the Sheykh Obeyd Arabian and those who love them have lost a dear friend and fierce defender.  Julia Byfield crossed her great Rainbow Bridge on October 11, 2008.  She is greatly missed.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.   Native American proverb

  THE BABSON INFLUENCE: A Retrospective    -   The book is finished and has been mailed to our Gallery Sponsors and those who purchased pre-publication copies. The book will be available at the Egyptian Event at the Kentucky Horse Park where there will be an Egyptian Event  2009 book signing on Thursday at noon.  See you there!   If you did not preorder the book, you can get a copy from The Institute for the Desert Arabian            ORDERING INFORMATION         (Posted April 16, 2009) 


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He doth nothing but talk of his horse.
 William Shakespeare ~ The Merchant of Venice

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