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Ahmed Fabo in Training

Ahmed Fabo has started a new phase of his life.  He is learning how to be a saddle horse.  He is in training at Tammy and Randy Sandidge's in Rainbow Valley, just a few miles south of here.

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The frog makes a good first rider as he makes noise as he flops about Froggy is always ready to go

Meeting the Frog            

               Frog mounted and ready
Ahmed Fabo did not mind the frog at all. Froggy trying his best to get a fast ride!

Froggy goes A'Ridin'           




Yes of course she wears them to the grocery store!

Starting 1st ride

Arizona Cowgirl Gear -  they came off just before the 1st ride

Good boy!


Randy Sandidge on the safety line

His first ride - Learning to carry a rider

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