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2003 United States Equestrian Federation Horse of the Year - Reg. 7 Dressage!!!

Ahmed Fabo is a lovely young stallion who shows strong potential for the dressage and sport horse show ring.  He is a tall leggy colt with a long stride and bold powerful movement.  He has a wonderful short back and long hip. Measured at 3 years old he was just over 15 hands and still growing.  He has the wonderful tipped back ears that run in the Babson lines.  

Ahmed Fabo is part of the treasured Without-*Maaroufa sub-group.  His dam, Dahma Saafada, is the only Straight Babson daughter of the beautiful Kamal Ibn Fabo (Fabo x Serr Beth).  

His sire, Ahmed Fabah, (Fabah x Sereneh) was a grandson of the Babson imports (1932) *Fadl and *Bint Bint Sabbah.  His pedigree jumps back over 70 years in two generations. 


Ahmed Fabo has started his show career in Dressage.  His first show was the December 2002 Saguaro Classic Arabian Show in Scottsdale.  He had a very good show and was awarded the Reserve Championship in the Open division at all levels of dressage (151 rides).  He has won at the prestigious Scottsdale All Arabian show and won in Open competition against some wonderful Warmbloods.  

Ahmed Fabo was awarded the 2003 United States Equestrian Horse of the Year for Region 7 in Arabian Dressage!  His photograph appeared in the March 2004 issue of EQUESTRIAN magazine.  

He was started under saddle by Tammy Sandidge of Rainbow Valley (May 2002).  He was trained in dressage and shown by Jackie Alkin of Royal Salute.

Ahmed Fabo -  October 2003 Diana Johnson photo

Ahmed Fabo  -  October 2003



More Photos of Ahmed Fabo      Ahmed Fabo Show photos

Photos of Ahmed Fabo in Training

His Babson Foals    

Serra Khedena      Serr Kazmeen    Ahmeds Char Serra


Ahmed Fabo and his dam Dahma Saafada, ©Diana Johnson 1998

Ahmed Fabo all dressed up to go get the mail -  Diana Johnson 1999

Shown here with Randy Sandidge on the occassion of his 1st offical saddling  -  May 2002 Tammy Sandidge photo

Dahma Saafada & Ahmed Fabo

Ahmed Fabo as a yearling

  1st Saddling        


Ahmed Fabo  

  # 0555794

Ahmed Fabah  #083239
Grey  6/14/1972
Fabah #06264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #0896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan  Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa  Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah #0894
Bay 05/19/1930
Bayyad  Grey
Bint Sabbah  Bay
Sereneh #051705
Grey 06/01/1968
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189
Grey 04/12/1960
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/10/1947
Fa Deene #1431  Grey 1937
Serr Abba #015334
Black 04/21/1959
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/10/1947
Fa-Abba #7048  Bay 05/11/1951
Dahma Saafada #0471837
Black Bay 03/10/1991
Kamal Ibn Fabo #0381189
Black Bay 04/12/1987
Fabo #022998
Black 08/01/1962
Fabah #6264  Bay 05/09/1950
Misimma #12158  Black 4/07/1957
Serr Beth #0125446
Bay 07/11/1975
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189  Grey 4/1960
Sera Beth #31706  Black 04/1968
Masada Faadana #0216089
Bay 05/21/1980
Ibn Saafaddan #0133116
Grey 04/09/1976
Saafaddan #13488  Bay 06/1958
Daal Aba #47023  Grey 03/1968
Masada Serrasaada #091610 Bay 3/19/1973 Saafaddan #13488  Bay 06/1958
Daal Aba #47023  Grey 03/1968

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