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Julyan x Serasabba

1978 Babson/Brown Mare

Jusera is a Babson/Julep, a very rare  subgroup of the Babson/Brown breeding group.  She carrys a high percentage, 25%, of the Brown element being a direct daughter of Julyan.  

Jusera is the dam of 16 foals contributing to the Babson/Brown/Sirecho (7 foals), Babson/Julep/Hallany Mistanny (6 foals) and Babson/Julep (3 foals) sub groups.  

At 30 years young (2008) Jusera is still healthy and strong and thinking she should be raising more beautiful foals. 

Jusera  - Cheryl O'Donnell Photo


Jusera  - Cheryl O'Donnell Photo

Jusera at 1 year - Dan Ulm Photo





Grey Babson/Brown Mare

Julyan #13123 Grey   Julep  #1678 Grey   Gulastra #521 Chestnut  *Astraled #238 Bay
Gulnare #278 Grey
Aziza #888 Grey  Gamil Manial  Egypt Grey
Negma  RAS Grey
Bint Maaroufa #8834 Chest. Fay-El-D ine #1170 Grey *Fadl #896 Grey
*Bint Serra I #897 Bay 1923
*Maaroufa #895 Grey  Ibn Rabdan RAS Ch.  1917
Mahroussa   Egypt  Gr 1920

Serasabba #31970 Black

Fabah  #6264 Bay 

*Fadl #896 Grey 

Ibn Rabdan RAS Ch.  1917

Mahroussa   Egypt  Gr 1920

*Bint Bint Sabbah#894 Bay

Bayiad  RAS Grey

Bint Sabbah   Bay

Serrasab  #15333 Bay

Fa-S err #4482 Black  

 *Fadl #896 Grey

*Bint Serra I #897 Bay 1923

Fay Sabbah #1583 Bay

 Fay-el-Dine #1170 Gr

*Bint Bint Sabbah#894 B

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