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 ASF Wadi 
El Reata Juan x Masada Mishannah
1990 Black Babson/Brown Stallion 





Hidden River has over 20 years experience in breeding Egyptian Arabians.  The Arabians at Hidden River trace to rare Old Egyptian Bloodlines.  These horses are valued for their athletic ability, quiet beauty and sweet dispositions.  

These Arabians are classified as Al Khamsa. Sheykh Obeyd and Straight Egyptian.


We have quality Arabians for sale.  Breeding group packages available.  Call for information.

A good selection of beautiful young stallions are available.

For  Sale

HR Asamar Shaman

SHR Ahmar Shaitaan

HR Daan Juan

HR Ibn Faadan


Amir Char Serr

HR Judaan 



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