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Aaroufa produced 11 foals, all SBE.  Several of these prodigy earned honors at the US Nationals in halter or performance.  Two were by Faddan, the 1956 mare Fada (Granddam of The Shah and Serr Maariner) and the SBE stallion Roudan in 1957 who did not breed on in SBE.  

Aaroufa's next 6 SBE foals were by Fa-Serr,   They were Maarifah (1958 mare), Bint Aaroufa (1961 mare), Serarouf (1962 stallion - exported to Canada, did not breed on), Roufas (1963 stallion), Roufina (1965 mare) and Aarouser (1966 mare).   



Fabah sired the last two foals from Aaroufa.  Both were very well represented in SBE lines.  The first in 1970 was Bahrou, best known for being the dam of the Babson Farm sire Serr Rou (by Ibn Fa-Serr).  Aaroufa's final foal was the prolific Babson Farm sire Mahrouf.

Bahrou  Serr Rou 




Aaroufa #7892
Grey   05/16/1952

Fay-El-Dine #1170  Grey 05/01/1934 *Fadl #896  Grey 06/17/1930 Ibn Rabdan RAS #86 Ch 05/171917
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920 
*Bint Serra l  #897Bay 03/03/1923   Sotamm #37 Egypt  1910
Serra #99 Egypt Grey 1915
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931 Ibn Rabdan RAS #86
Chestnut 05/171917
Rabdan RAS# 49 Grey 
Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey  
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920 Mabrouk   Egypt  #73
Negma RAS #45   Grey 


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