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*Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah


Fabah from the Joe Ferriss collection Fabah at 23 years old

Fabah at the Babson Farm


Fabah at 23 years



Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan RAS #86
Chestnut 05/171917
 Rabdan RAS# 49 Grey   
 Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey   
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920 Mabrouk   Egypt  #73 
Negma RAS #45   Grey              
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894
Bay 05/19/1930
Bayiad  RAS 
 Mabrouk Manial RAS# 67 Grey   
 Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey   
Bint Sabbah
 Kazmeen RAS# 13 Bay   
 Sabah  RAS# 103 chestnut   


Fabah sired 67 foals form 1957 through 1975.  His grandget number more than 740.  His influence in the Babson group has been extensive. He was well respected as a broodmare sire.  

As for the show ring Fabah placed fourth in Combination Horses at the 1955 Chicago All-Arabian Horse Show.  He is a sire and grandsire of National winners.  Just to mention a few of his Champion get:


THE SHAH (Fabah x Bint Fada) was foaled in 1966.  He was the first Babson Arabian to be exported (in 1968).  The Shah became the 1975 British National Champion and 1978 Champion at Salon Du Cheval in Paris (World Champion Stallion!!!).  He sired 95 foals from 1970 through 1979.  His grandget number over 750 Arabians.



FADL DAN (Fabah x Fada), foaled in 1969, won the Grand Champion Stallion at the 1972 Texas All Arabian Show and 1972 Oklahoma All Arabian Show.  He had 7 class A halter championships and is the sire of 3 time National Top Ten Trail horse Fa Dim.  Fadl Dan only sired 7 foals and was later gelded.  He has 21 grandget.

Fadl Dan - Johnny Johnston Photo



MAHROUF (Fabah x Aaroufa)  The 1972 stallion was undefeated Park Champion in Region XI, Champion in Formal Combination and Formal Driving.     Mahrouf was a leading sire at Babson Farms for many years siring 55 foals and is grandsire to over 225 Arabians.

Carolyn Gardner was his rider and trainer.

Mahrouf  (Fabah X Aaroufa) with Carolyn Gardner up




HADBAH (Fabah x Fa Deene)  foaled in 1957 was Fabah's first foal.  Hadbah was a multi Champion in Performance and many times a winner won at halter as well for the Atkinsons of Anchor Hill Farm.  Hadbah sired 65 foals from 1960  to 1976.  His grandget number well over 500.  

Eric Atkinson is riding Hadbah in this photo that graced the cover of Arabian Horse World magazine in October of 1965.

Hadbah with Eric Atkinson riding


It is a rare Babson that does not have Fabah.  Fabah sired 42 SBE foals, 23 daughters and 19 sons.  There are only four Babsons today who do not trace to Fabah.  Our Bedu Sabir is one of the 4 Babsons (2008) without Fabah.  The others are the two mares Marifay (f. 1996) and Mahr Sabbah F. 1998) and another stallion Fay Lombar now deceased but represented by frozen semen.

In our herd Fabah is found at a percentage of 50% in the following horses:

Ahmed Fabah     Fabah Mahrena   Bint Roulett  


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