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Faddan x Saaba
1958 to 1976


Saafaddan with Walter Schimanski     

Excerpt From Breeders Service Bulletin Spring-Summer 1976, page 8


by Walter Schimanski, Decatur IL  

Pictured on the cover is Saafaddan A.H.R. #13488, the last Babson Egyptian son of Faddan. His passing last February leaves only two offspring of Faddan: Faara (x Fa Aana) age 22 and Fada (x Aaroufa) age 19.  

Saafaddan _ this is the color version of the Breeders Service Bulletin cover photo.

A son of *Fadl, Faddan was the only producing foal of *Bint Saada. Her sire, Ibn Samhan, also sired *Zarife, while her dam came from the line that produced Moniet EI Nefous. Early visitors to the Babson Farm considered Faddan one of the best stallions Mr. Babson ever bred. In 1937, Carl Raswan termed him "one of the most promising colts in the country." Homer Watson, long-time manager of the Babson Farm, often relates stories of Faddan's remark­able athletic ability and his qualities as a sire. 


Saafaddan's dam was the beautiful Fay-EI-Dine (*Fadl x *Bint Serra) daughter Saaba, out of the *Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah mare, Fa Habba. Fay-El-Dine daughters were considered great assets in a variety of breeding programs, especially when out of mares who consistently produced quality foals as did Fa Habba.

Saafaddan was foaled on the Babson Farm in 1958. Shortly thereafter he was purchased by Mrs. John E. Otto Unfortunately, as his sire was overshadowed in the Babson study by Fay-EI-Dine and Fa­Serr, so Saafaddan in his turn was shelved in favor of such stallions as Sirecho, Bel Gordas and Zarlan. Not until he came to Decatur, Illinois at age thirteen, was he given the opportunity at stud that his quality dictated. Before then he was bred to only three Arabian mares. Saafaddan was an elite type of Arabian and on coming to Decatur had exposure as a head stallion. His reputation as an individual and as a sire grew rapidly and he became a popular horse. 

Saafaddan remained in the Ott's ownership until he was purchased by Robert Cowling of Houston, Texas. A short while later Mr. Cowling decided to disperse his Arabian herd and despite more profitable opportunities from other breeders, generously agreed to sell Saafaddan to Masada Arabians where he continued to play an important role in a breeding program aimed at preserving and compounding the influence of *Bint Saada."  

"Perhaps Saafaddan's most significant gift will prove to be Ibn Saafaddan, Saafaddan's only Babson Egyptian son, foaled after his sire's death. He is out of the Faddan granddaughter Daal Aba.

Many Arabians of rare and valuable blood have slipped by us in the past. Fortunately for Saafaddan and for the breed, in a few short years at stud he has left a number of well-bred offspring to insure a strong source of *Bint Saada blood for future generations of Arabian horses."

Saafaddan #13488
Bay 06/1958

Faddan #1172
Bay 06/1935
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Saada #893 Chestnut 12/21/1930
Saaba #8835
Bay 05/1953
Fay-El-Dine #1170 Grey 05/1935
Fa Habba #4483 Bay 04/1947


As a Sire - DMJ

Saafaddan sired twenty three Arabian foals born from 1963 to 1976.  Eighteen of them were Al Khamsa.  

He sired 4 Straight Babson Egyptian (SBE) foals, all full siblings from Daal Aba (Daaldan x Fay El Aba).   They were his daughters Masada Saadurra (1972 bay mare), Masada Serrasaada (1973 bay mare), Masada El Aba (1974 bay mare) and finally his only SBE son Ibn Saafaddan (1976 grey stallion).

Masada Serrasaada at 2 years old


Saafaddan's SBE Foals

Masada Saadurra tragically died at 6 months.  

Masada Serrasaada produced 4 SBE daughters.  

 Masada Saaba (1977 bay mare by Lothar)  xxx    Masada Fa Saada (1978 bay mare by Fabo) had no foals.  Masada Fadana (1980 bay mare by Ibn Saafaddan) xxxx   Zahara Sabiya (1981 chestnut mare by Fabo) xxxx.

Masada El Aba produced 7 foals, 2 SBE.  

Masada Saafa (1978 bay by Lothar) is replaced with only one SBE foal Almoraima El Cid, 1988 chestnut stallion by DHAR Serr Rouf (Serr Rou x Roufina).  As of 2010 he is replaced in SBE by a daughter  SSH Serahsaafa (1996 chestnut mare from LCA Bint Serabah) and a son Fay El Daaldan (2009 chestnut stallion from Ru Bint Fasaad).

Her son Masada Mataan (1996 grey stallion by Fa Asar) did not breed on.

Ibn Saafaddan sired 16 foals, 6 SBE, 3 daughters and 3 sons.

Ibn Saafaddan bred on only through his 3 daughters.

Masada Faadana had 3 SBE foals. Masada Samhan (1984 bay stallion by Fabo) is replaced by xxx.  Her 1st daughter Masada Fadah (1989 bay mare by DR Fadl) has XXX as of 2010.  Her final foal Dahma Saafada (1990 bay mare by Kamal Ibn Fabo) has had xxx foals as of 2010.




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