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Saafada is an important member of our Babson without *Maaroufa subgroup.  She is the dam of Ahmed Serrfaddan, Ahmed Serr-Fabah and Ahmed Fabo, all sons of Ahmed Fabah, and all within the rare Without *Maaroufa subgroup.  

She is a rich dark chocolate bay with a strong powerful trot.  Saafada is the only Straight Babson Egyptian (SBE) Babson daughter of her sire Kamal Ibn Fabo (Fabo x Serr Beth).  

2011 photos at 20 years young

      Dahma Saafada was born at Dr Fallon's Albuquerque New Mexico vet clinic.  Her dam Masada Fadana became very sick early in transit to us the previous October following our purchase of her . Ian McFarlane of First Class Equine Transport saved her life by stopping in Albuquerque and leaving her with  Dr. Jim Fallon.  She had developed a heart condition while she had pneumonia as a result of Rhino-nuemanitis that was the result of not having been given any routine "pregnant mare  shots by the seller.  She lived with Dr. Fallon from October to May.  

Saafada as a baby! 


Saafada was safely born in April of 1991 in Dr Fallon's garage that was converted to her foaling stall.  What a huge relief when the call came that said both mare and filly were alive and well after the birth.

Bruce flew out to Albuquerque and rode back home with Faadana and her filly in the van sized box stall that First Class had made especially for her.  

We would not have Saafada without the caring concern of Dr. Fallon and Ian MacFarlane. Dr Fallon called Saafada "Milagro" which means "miracle" in Spanish.

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  Dahma Saafada - c  Diana Johnson photo 1994

her first ride












Dahma Saafada - c  Diana Johnson photo 1998 Kamal Ibn Fabo at 3 yrs - c  Diana Johnson 1990

Her Sire - Kamal Ibn Fabo


More Photos of Dahma Saafada        Her dam  Masada Faadana

Saafada's foals  -  Ahmed Serr-Fabah,   Ahmed Fabo   Serr Ibn Sabbah   Dahman Al Lothar and Bint Saafada  


Dahma Saafada 

Black Bay 03/10/1991

Kamal Ibn Fabo #381189
Black Bay 04/12/1987
Fabo #22998
Black 08/01/1962
Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894  Bay 5/19/1930
Misimma #12158
Black 04/07/1957
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/1947
Fay Khedena #7693  Grey 6/15/1952
Serr Beth #125446
Bay 07/11/1975
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189
Grey 04/1960
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/1947
Fa Deene #1431  Grey 08/1937
Sera Beth #31706
Black 04/1968
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/1947
Serabah #19243  Black 04/1961
Masada Faadana #216089
Bay 05/21/1980
Ibn Saafaddan #133116
Grey 04/09/1976
Saafaddan #13488
Bay 06/1958
Faddan #1172  Bay 06/1935 
Saaba #8835  Bay 05/1953
Daal Aba #47023
Grey 03/1968
Daaldan #2608  Chestnut 03/1943
Fay El Aba #8833  Grey 05/1953
Masada Serrasaada #91610
Bay 03/19/1973
Saafaddan #13488
Bay 06/1958
Faddan #1172  Bay 06/1935
Saaba #8835  Bay 05/1953
Daal Aba #47023
Grey 03/1968
Daaldan #2608  Chestnut 03/1943
Fay El Aba #8833  Grey 05/1953

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