Updated Mid-June 2015

Invisible Kitty



Now you see her, Now you don't!  Wasn't she just rubbing against your leg and purring?  Could it be that she can really become invisible?  

In looking through my photo folder, I could not find any photos of the Invisible Kitty.  Perhaps she is the kind of invisible that can not be captured in a photo?  I will have to look to see if she has a reflection in a mirror!  Truly an Interesting and Special Kitty!


Like Botticelli's Birth of Venus, she rises from a giant clam shell!  This is the only photo of her that exists.  She must have been waiting for just the right dramatic setting to materialize!  Truly a Renaissance kitty!   

The Invisible Kitty is a beautiful green eyed Russian Blue.  She has a very soft meow that is more of a silent meow in keeping with her mysterious identity. She often sleeps invisibly most of the day, materializing mostly in the morning and evenings.  She is very loving but never a pest.  She stands by and quietly waits for attention.  She is a wonderful kitty with a very soft sweet cat-anality.


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