Updated Mid-June 2015


          Pixie was owned by a little girl who rescued her from a dog.  Pixie, as a kitten, was being carried off and the girl ran after them and grabbed the kitten when the confused dog dropped her.  The girl moved back East and could not take her dear Pixie.  

Pixie is a very sweet affectionate cat but is hard of hearing.  She currently lives outside but wants an inside home again where she will be safe from the dangers she can not hear.    

Note in the photo the squaring off of her right ear tip, that is a sign that she is spayed.  Pixie is litter box trained and has been a great inside kitty in the past.  She would like to become your "Tuck- in Kitty" purring you to sleep each night.




623-386-6381   Buckeye AZ

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