Updated Mid-June 2015

Yum Yum & Tamale

        Yum Yum and Tamale are best friends.  Rarely are they seen apart.  Yum Yum is a Siamese mix.  She inherited the lovely color but not the yowl. She has beautiful blue eyes. 

Tamale is a glossy patent leather black female.  She is a beauty!  If she can't find Yum Yum she will come to you and ask for help to find her perhaps behind a closed door.


They are very sweet affectionate kitties but neither wants to be picked up or carried.  They do not scratch or fight to be set down but wiggle and make it clear they prefer their feet on the ground. Both are spayed and eartipped.

They love to be brushed and to play "fish on a string."  They enjoy a good cuddle on the couch watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey. While both are quiet cats, they are experts at purring!  



                Yum Yum will sit up at my feet when she has a request.  Usually it means she wants to be petted.  She will also "high 5" with a paw if she is up on a bookcase or chair back.  

And yes, that is Tamale's tail on the left in the photo!  Never far apart, Best Friends Forever! 









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