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Mk Serra Sabbah and her dam AK Serramah - May 2002 Julie Maruyama photo "Serra" is a 2002 straight Babson mare bred and owned by Frank and Julie Maruyama of California.  She is a well behaved, nicely balanced and pretty athlete.  Her pedigree appears at the bottom of this page.

Her dam is AK Serramah, bred by Bentwood Farm of Waco Texas.  She was a Mah Hab daughter from a Faserouf daughter.  AK Serramah had her last foal, a 2006 filly Serra Bint Lothar for Gayle Rowe in Canada.

Serra's sire is Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/, one of our champion dressage horses.



MK Serra Sabbah  -   May 2002 Julie Maruyama Photo MK Serra Sabbah (Ibn Sabbah Bedu X AK Serramah) showing off her athletic side!  -  May 2002 Julie Maruyama Photo

May 2002 Photos

One month old


MK Serra Sabbah  -  May  2003 Julie Maruyama photo MK Serra Sabbah  -  May 2003  Julie Maruyama photo

May 2003 photos

One year old

Her Sire and Dam

Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  -  modeling some of his Scottsdale Championship awards from 2000 for Dressage and Working Hunter. More on Sabbah


AK Serramah 2005 Diana Johnson Photo
More on AK Serramah


MK Serra Sabbah #595299 

foaled April 6, 2002

  Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/   Serabaar  Ibn Fa-Serr 
  Shar Sabbah  Negem
  AK Serramah   Mah Hab  Mahrouf
 Bah Habba 
  AK Bint Serasaab  Faserouf

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