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Straight Babson Egyptian Stallion
January 8, 1985 to January 5, 2011

  "If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made us smile, captured a heart or changed a life, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand."  

Elaine Yerty photo
Ibn Sabbah Bedu+//  earned his Legion of Excellence in the show ring, competing on both Arabian and Open shows.  Sabbah earned his points in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Prix St. Georges Level Dressage as well as Regular Working Hunter (jumping), Show Hack and Sport Horse classes.  Ibn Sabbah Bedu+//  has earned 5 National Top Tens for 2nd Level, 3rd Level, 4th level Dressage and Regular Working Hunter. 

Sabbah has won 15 Regional Top 5 awards, 7 Regional Championships and 7 Reserve Regional Championships in 5 different events. He has been shown at Prix St George level of Dressage and qualified for 2001 Nationals, finishing 5th in that event at Nationals!  Sabbah was never out of the ribbons in years of showing at the prestigious Scottsdale All Arabians show winning many Championships.

Between show seasons, Sabbah would come home for nice relaxing summers. His primary job at home was mowing pastures until the fall when he went back to work under the careful tutelage of trainer Jackie Alkin of Cave Creek, Arizona. 

Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ showing off his 2000 Scottsdale Championship Roses earned in Working Hunter - c  Diana Johnson photo

Showing off his 2000 Scottsdale Working Hunter Championship Roses


Sabbah retired to stud after the 2001 Nationals, where he earned 5th in Prix St Georges.  He is enjoying his career change!  In 2008 three of his five SBE sons were in the show ring, ALL three earned Regional Championships.  They collectively earned 4 Regional Championships in 3 different disciplines.  (Of the other two sons.. one was busy siring foals and the other was only 2 years old)

For more information, see Sabbah's KidsSabbah the Wonder Horse!  and The Serabaar Breeding Program

Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ #323438
Black Bay 01/08/1985

January 8, 1985 to January 5, 2011

Serabaar #67757
Bay 05/05/1970
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189
Grey 04/12/1960
Fa-Serr #4482
Black 07/10/1947
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Serra I #897 Bay 03/03/1923
Fa Deene #1431
Grey 1937
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Serra #897 Bay 03/03/1923
Serabah #19243
Black 04/07/1961
Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1960
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894 Bay 5/19/1930
Fasera #10286
Black 04/12/1955
Fa-Serr #4482 Black 07/10/1947
Fa-Abba #7048 Bay 05/11/1951
Shar Sabbah #39175
Bay 06/04/1966
Negem #11461
Black 05/25/1956
Fa-Serr #4482
Grey 07/10/1947
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Serra I #897 Bay 03/03/1923
Fay Negma #1584
Bay 05/19/1930
Fay-El-Dine #1170 Grey 09/01/1934
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931
Gammousa #3887
Bay 03/30/1946
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan   Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa   Grey 1920
Fay Sabbah #1583
Bay 05/15/1938
Fay-El-Dine #1170 Grey 09/01/1934
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894 Bay 5/19/1930




Sabbah at 25 years - June 2010

Playing in a sprinkler



"Perhaps they are not the stars but rather openings in heaven, where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."  Eskimo proverb

Sabbah was a "once in a lifetime" horse for us.  He did everything we ever asked of him and did it beyond our dreams.  He is greatly missed.  The links below will tell you more about Sabbah.


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More Photos Of Ibn Sabbah Bedu ] Even More Photos of Ibn Sabbah Bedu ] Sabbah's Kids ] [The Wonder Horse] [ Serabaar Breeding Program]



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