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Fa-Serr, A Prince's Dream  By Joe Ferris (continued)

The Fa-Serr Sons  

Serris  from  February 1970  Arabian Horse News  page  120 Fa-Serr sons were very popular sires. The ten most heavily used sons of Fa-Serr [the number of foals sired are in brackets] are Pharoh (x Rosebruk) [141}, Faserouf (x Fay Roufa)[108], Negem (x Fay Negma) [93], Ibn Fa-Serr (x Fa Deene) [85], Khemahr (x Khedena) [69], Serris (x Sirefa) [71], Fa-Rousse (x Khedena) [79], Ozem (x Gay Negma) [78], Fa-Maar (x El Maar) [61] and Abgar (x Fa Abba) [78].     Fa-Rousse in one of his many show photos.  From Arabian Horse World - March 1969, page 27.
           Serris                       Fa-Rousse

Pharoh, out of a mare of Polish, Egyptian and Crabbet bloodlines, sired numerous endurance, halter and performance winners including HMR Pharod, 1971 U.S. National Champion Informal Combination and Top Ten in Formal Driving.  

Faserouf  from  Arabian Horse Times February 1987 page 83 Negem -  Judy Forbis photo Ibn Fa-Serr  - Polly Knoll Photo
Faserouf - Rob Hess Photo

Negem  -  Judy Forbis Photo

Ibn Fa-Serr - Polly Knoll Photo  

The three most heavily used straight Babson Egyptian sons of Fa-Serr are Faserouf, Negem and Ibn Fa-Serr. Faserouf sired numerous U.S. National Top Ten performance winners, including Roulette and Serpico. Negem was a very popular sire and was used extensively within Al Khamsa bloodlines. He sired Arc Teneya, 1972 Canadian Reserve National Champion Gelding, who was out of the 1949 Davenport mare Schiba. The Negem son Char Serr was a successful English Pleasure champion and sire of champion Bilkris Sham, out of the Doyle mare Jady. One of Negem's most influential sons is Char Echo (x Sirhabba), a foundation sire for the Anchor Hill Ranch. Char Echo sired many champions, including Anchor Hill Omar, National Champion of South Africa, and Anchor Hill Annah, 1974 U.S. Top Ten Trail horse.  

Char Echo  -  R. S Fay photo

Char Serr with entertainer Wayne Newton in a wonderful Johnny Johnston photo

Char Echo  

Char Serr  & Wayne Newton

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