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Fa-Serr, A Prince's Dream

  2001 by Joe Ferriss

Originally published in ARABIANS June 1984  and updated for KHAMSAT issue 18 - 3.  It is included here on our site with the author's generous permission.  It serves as a sample of the quality articles that are published in the KHAMSAT, a publication of  AL KHAMSA.  Some additional photos were added.

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Fa-Serr   -  Trudy Mangles photo
Fa-Serr  - Trudy Mangles photo

Between the years and miles, a prince's dream becomes a reality.

Author's note - The names of horses that are not considered Al Khamsa are italicized.

 It is the dream of most breeders of Arabian horses to produce at least one special horse in their lifetime - a horse that represents the finest in true Arabian character and also has the quality of blood to extend its influence well into future generations.

Such was the case with the beautiful black stallion Fa-Serr, whose impact on Al Khamsa Arabian breeding is still strong 54 years after his birth. Fa-Serr was a fine representative of the Al Khamsa Arabian. Fa-Serr was bred by the Babson Arabian Horse Farm and foaled in 1947.    

The Pedigree

Fa-Serr's sire, *Fadl, and dam, *Bint Serra I, were part of Henry Babson's original importation from Egypt in 1932. To understand Fa-Serr's pedigree is to realize why he was such a consistent and influential sire. *Fadl, was bred by Prince Mohamed Ali and imported as a two-year-old to become one of the most influential imported "Old Egyptian" stallions. Thousands of today's Arabians carry some measure of *Fadl blood. *Fadl was a very typey, athletic horse of classic masculine type.

A versatile horse, *Fadl was successful in endurance, polo, harness and pleasure riding. His extraordinarily kind temperament also made him an excellent child's mount.  

   *Fadl in his role as polo pony.  *Fadl was by lbn Rabdan, one of the most popular and heavily used stallions in Egypt . Carl Raswan considered Ibn Rabdan as a "world champion" type.  Jack Humphreys, who selected Arabians in Egypt for W. R. Brown, described Ibn Rabdan as "almost perfect."' A very dark liver chestnut, lbn Rabdan sired many dark horses, so dark as to appear almost black photographs. Interestingly, it has been said that as an old stallion, lbn Rabdan was bred to *Fadl's gray granddam, Negma and produced a black foal. This combination of blood may be largely responsible for the black color of Fa-Serr, his descendants and relatives.  

*Fadl's dam, Mahroussa, was epitomized as one of the most beautiful mares of her time. Mahroussa was the daughter of Mabrouk Manial and the aforementioned Negma, both classic Arabians of exceptional quality. Mahroussa also produced such horses as *Zarife, *H.H. Mohamed Alis Hamida, *H.H. Mohamed Alis Hamama and *Maaroufa, *Fadl's full sister.

Fa-Serr's dam, *Bint Serra I (*Sotamm II x Serra) was a fine bay mare of elegant type. She was bred by Prince Kemal el Dine in Egypt and was Henry Babson's favorite of the 1932 importation. Jack Humphreys greatly admired the mare and tried to buy her. When Humphreys visited the stud of Prince Kemal el Dine, he remarked first about *Bint Serra I's dam, Serra, "This mare is the outstanding animal in the stud. I tried hard to get a price on her but nothing doing." When Humphreys saw *Bint Serra I he commented, "I put in a lot of hard work trying to get this mare priced or exchanged for one of Prince Mohamed Ali's, but could not. She is all Arab."

Fortunately, Henry Babson eventually acquired *Bint Serra I. *Bint Serra I's dam, Serra, was one of the choicest of Old Egyptian breeding in existence at the time with all four of her grandparents bred by Ali Pasha Sherif. Serra was a granddaughter of the famed *Ghazala, one of very few Ali Pasha Sherif Arabians to come directly to America . Ali Pasha Sherif blood has a well-documented reputation for quality. In fact, six of the eight great-grandparents of *Bint Serra I were bred by Ali Pasha Sherif, making her the highest percentage Ali Pasha Sherif mare of the Babson importation.   Bint Serra  -  photo from  The Royal Arabians of Egypt and the Stud of Henry Babson

*Bint Serra I's sire, Sotamm II, was a dark bay stallion used by the stud of Prince Kemal el Dine. Bred by the Blunt's Crabbet Stud, he was also rich in Ali Pasha Sherif blood on which Lady Anne Blunt built her foundation. Sotamm II's pedigree also includes lines to the influential Blunt desert-breds Azrek and Queen of Sheba.

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