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Amir Char Serr x ASF Zarah 


Now owned by Kim Cooper of Missouri


HR ASMARU SHAMAN - June 2007 Diana Johnson Photo     


2001 Straight Babson stallion

Shaman has many rare lines in his pedigree making him a something of an outcross to most Babson mares.  Some of those rare lines include Roufas, Char Serr, Bah Dan, Fabo, Hannah, Sabl and Fada.  His outstanding pedigree is below.



ASF Zarah is the only Babson replacement daughter of Bah Dan (Fabah x Bint Hannah).  She is also the only living Babson replacement for her dam Masada Mishannah.  This colt is so far the only St. Babson replacement for Zarah.




Amir Char Serr is a grandson of the beautiful black Babson stallion, Char Serr.  Char Serr was owned by entertainer Wayne Newton and used in special shows where Char Serr did the Spanish Walk and other high school movements.  Char Serr is a rare line in Babsons due to limited breeding opportunities.

Shaman is well socialized, he lives by day in a small bachelor herd with a couple other stallions of his age.  At night he comes up into the barn.  He is a lovely colt and a beautiful and fluid mover.



Although he trotted right out of the photo, it shows off how well he moves and his balanced body!

Shaman has been started under saddle.



HR Asmaru Shaman


 May 1, 2001

Amir Char Serr #268636 Bay 7/28/98

Sah Hasim Khabar #415614 bay 4/17/88 Char Serr #28231 black 9/7/64 Negem #11461 5/25/56
Serra #12237 grey 4/20/67
Adaah #67756 bay 4/26/70 Fabah #6264 bay 5/09/50
Fadaah #25299 4/11/63
Mah Bah Roufa #502125 bay 5/9/92 Mahrouf #83235 Ch. 04/03/72 Fabah #6264 bay 5/09/50
Aaroufa #7892 5/16/52
Bah Rous Amira #332350 3/31/85 Ibn Fa-Serr #17189 4/12/60
Bahrou #68992 bay 3/27/70
ASF Zarah #505489 Chestnut  5/21/93


Bah Dan #100680 Chestnut 6/7/73 Fabah #6264 bay 05/09/1950 *Fadl #897 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894 1930
Bint Hannah #42921 Grey  05/0219/67 Ibn Fa-Serr #17189 4/12/60
Hannah #25302 bay 4/15/63
Masada Mishannah
#216089 Black  08/08/1983
Fabo #22998  Black 08/01/1962 Fabah #6264 Bay 05/09/1950
Misimma #12158 Black 1957
ASF Hannah #145736
Gray 04/09/1975
Roufas #25307 Grey 1963
Sabls Gem #25426 Bay 1963


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