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Masada Mishannah

Straight Babson Egyptian Mare

1983 - 1998

 "Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it." 
Author Unknown


Masada Mishannah - 1997 Diana Johnosn Photo

We were deeply saddened to report the loss of Masada Mishannah and her unborn Midbar Fa Rabdan foal. We lost them on January 10, 1998 during colic surgery. Mishannah had a bad twist and neither mare nor foal could be saved. She was 317 days in foal, less than 2 weeks from foaling.

What we will remember will be...

We called her Mishannah (Me' Shah na).  She had a great joy of living.

When she came to us we told her that like Scarlett O'Hara, she would never be hungry again. Bruce would play a game with her evening grain, hiding the bucket behind his back and telling her I had forgotten to mix her goodies. She would walk to the empty bucket on the wall and put her nose in then look at him with big liquid eyes. He would melt at that point and pour in her well deserved goodies.

The night long ago when we got the phone call to tell us that all her old herd mates and children were safe and had food to eat, we hugged her and fed her carrots and told her they were safe now too. Somehow we felt she understood why we all were quietly celebrating.

When we bought her she came to us "walking" on the outside wall of one front foot. The wall had grown across the frog, the coronary band was separating from the hoof.   X-rays showed an old break in the lower pastern. She was worked on by two vets and Lisa, her farrier.   First she had glue on shoes then later nail-on egg bars.  We celebrated the day she graduated to "real nail on shoes."  She was very brave always doing her best to help us help her get better.  In pasture and on soft ground she no longer limped.

She would touch me with the edge of her nostril when walking to pasture telling me she understood that my feet hurt too and would walk slow with me. After both her feet and mine were better, she would dance and "be wild" for the sheer joy of it.  She wouldn't tighten the lead but would bounce and talk all the way to pasture as I laughed with her and ran my hand over her neck.

Most farm visitors knew her as "that beautiful little black mare".  She was very proud, tail and head always high.  She always got a lot of attention. She knew she deserved it and wasn't going to let anyone leave without giving her a fair share. 


Mishannah was our "foaling mare labor coach", talking to each mare as they foaled, sometimes quite loudly.   She talked to her own unborn foals, her soft little muzzle against her own side, sometimes softly wickering and sometimes deep loud and throaty.   She loved foals, hers and everyone else's.   She gave us a beautiful 1996 filly, Ahmeds Khedena by Ahmed Fabah.    Ahmeds Khedena, 18 months old, Bruce Johnson and Masada Mishannah - 1997 Diana Johnson photo

Ahmeds Khedena (1 yr) and Masada Mishannah


Special thanks to Pat and Cheryl O'Donnell of Hidden River Arabians in Indiana, without whose help, patience and understanding we would not have had our "beautiful little black mare." They worked very hard to get her for us.  They have since bought most of her other children to breed on in their own preservation program.

We miss her greatly. Mishannah was a very strong presence here, much loved and very loving. 

Ahmeds Khedena and Masada Mishannah




Masada Mishannah


 08/08/1983 to 02/10/1998

Fabo #22998
Black 08/01/1962
Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan  Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa  Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894 Bay 05/19/1930 Bayyad  Grey
Bint Sabbah  Bay
Misimma #12158
Black 04/07/1957
Fa-Serr #4482
Black 07/10/1947
*Fadl #896  Grey 6/17/1930
*Bint Serra I  Grey 4/1939
Fay Khedena #7893
Grey 06/15/1952
Fay-El-Dine #1170  Grey 5/1935
Khedena #5128 Chest. 3/25/1948
ASF Hannah
Gray 04/09/1975
Roufas #25307
Grey 04/02/1963
Fa-Serr #4482
Black 07/10/1947
*Fadl #896  Grey 6/17/1930
*Bint Serra I  Grey 04/1939
Aaroufa #7892
Grey 05/16/1952
Fay-El-Dine #1170 Gr  5/01/1934
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931
Sabls Gem #25426
Bay 04/15/1963
Negem 11461
Black 05/25/1956
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/10/1947
Fay Negma #1584  Grey 5/17/1938
Sabl #8838
Chestnut 05/27/1953
*Fadl #896  Grey 6/17/1930
Fay-Sabbah #1583  Bay 5/16/1938


ASF Zarah is Masada Mishannah's only living SBE foal.  Foaled in 1993, her sire is Bah Dan (Fabah x BInt Hannah).  Zarah is a beauty, elegant and bold moving.  As of 2010 she has one SBE replacement, HR Asmaru Shaman, a 2001 stallion by Amir Char Serr.  



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