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Fa-Serr, A Prince's Dream  By Joe Ferris (continued)

The Fa-Serr Daughters  

   Fa-Serr daughters made an equally significant contribution to the breed. Highly valued for their producing ability, few Fa-Serr daughters were shown. Bint Aaroufa (x Aaroufa) was named as a 1966 U.S. Top Ten Park horse, a halter champion and dam of champions. Aarouser (x Aaroufa) was a 1973 Canadian National Top Ten Mare and Serr Ra (x Rasima, also the dam of Faar Ra) took honors as the 1964 U.S. National Top Ten Mare.  

Bint Aaroufa from  Arabian Horse World  May 1976  Page 38

Bint Aaroufa - Johnny Johnston Phot

As producers, Fa-Serr daughters have exceptional records: Rose of Egypt (x Fa Abba) produced 1968 U.S. Top Ten Park Horse Serr Bruk and the multi-champion Egypts Al Metrabi. Bint Fada (x Fada) produced Al Nahr Montego, a champion and sire of champions who stood at stud in Israel .  Bint Fada is well known as the dam of British National Champion The Shah (x Fabah), a very successful sire in Europe before his untimely death. Serida (x Fay El Aba ) produced such champions as Anchor Hill Seranza, Anchor Hill Serfa and Anchor Hill Amida. Shebaa (x Fay Sabbah) produced Bay Rod the 1968 U.S. National Champion in Western Pleasure and sire of champions.

The full sister to Shebaa, Serrasab, was the dam of Sabrah (x Fabah) who produced the beautiful Fa Halima, 1979 U.S. Top Ten mare, 1980 U.S. National Champion Mare, Canadian Reserve National Champion Mare and Reserve International Champion Mare in Paris.

Sabrah also produced Ansata El Reyhan, 1976 U.S. Reserve National Champion Trail, English Pleasure AOTR and 1978 U.S. Top Ten Native Costume. Ansata Sabiha, another daughter of Sabrah produced Ansata Shah Zam, 1977 U.S. National Champion Futurity Stallion, 1978 Canadian Reserve National Champion Stallion and 1980 U.S. Top Ten Stallion. Another Fa-Serr daughter, Misimma (x Fay Khedena) was linebred to *Bint Serra I, carrying 43.5 percent of her blood. Misimma is best known as the dam of the beautiful black stallion Fabo (x Fabah).  

Serr Beth  in 1995 at twenty years old.  Photo by owner Robin Weeks.

Fa-Serr's last foal was Sera Beth, who carried 62.5 percent Fa-Serr blood. She was the grandam of the beautiful Serr Beth (x Ibn Fa-Serr) and Serr Beth's full brother, Amir Ibn Fa-Serr, a young stallion that stood briefly at the Babson Farm. The black Fa-Serr daughter Serr Abba produced such horses as Faserrab, Mi Serr, Sunny Acres Batal, Ibn Mahrouf and Bint Serr Abba.

Through such horses as Fa-Serr, the Egyptian Arabian has proven its worth. Time after time, Fa-Serr descendants have proven victorious in national competition.  

Serr Beth - Robin Weeks Photo

Prince Mohamed Ali dreamed of producing a classic Arabian horse that represented the finest in true Arabian character and whose prepotency would perpetuate its greatness on to future generations. The Prince also had a compelling desire to produce these goals in a black Arabian. Some years after his passing, a black horse was born which would represent the Prince's ideal. That horse was Fa-Serr, whose greatness still survives 69 years after his parents left their home country of Egypt                                           

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