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We believe that it is in the simple everyday stories of a horse's life that one sees beyond the beauty, pedigree and statistics of the horse...   to its own unique character. 

It is knowing the personal stories about these horses that bring the names on the pages to life. From time to time we will be adding stories about our horses and our program in this section. Please check back occasionally for new items.

Ibn Sabbah Bedu - Wonder Horse!

As Her Ancestors Lived    Almoraima Ceniza & Ahmeds Amaala

Close Encounters of the Cow Kind Maar Shalima & AK Maaroufa More Photos 1  2  3

The Serabaar Breeding Program

Khaadir al Bahr  rattlesnake bite!     Also an update on dear Khaadir

Shiloh  our first Arabian   

        Discovering the Magic  a cat story 

          One Eyed Jack  another cat story   

          Quick Silver    another one eyed cat story!      New! 

          The without-*Maaroufa Group   Information on that rare Babson sub-group

          Sweet Lips!   Ashkar Al Khebir story

        The Pink Halter    

        Housebreaking Horses!    Thank You Betty Fippen!    New! 

        A Babson Gift     New!      

        The Daytime Foaling Secret       New! 


        Jackpot Holly  and The Legend of the Bloody Shoulder Mare   

          Super Model!   Bint Roulett story -    New! 

             The Guardian   Mah Sabbah Bedu story       New!    


        Steeds, steeds, what steeds!  Has the whirlwind a home in your manes?   ~  Nilolai Gogol   

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