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We need to set our course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.  ~ General Omar Bradley


The horses in this section are some of the horses that have been part of our Equine family or have had an influence on our program.   Some are special horses from the past and others are very much alive and well.  More horses will be added to this section as time permits.  Keep checking in now and then for new pages.  In alphabetical order....

Afmaar  (Fay-el-Dine x Maaroufa)    New!  

Ahmed Fabah   (Fabah X Sereneh)

Ahmed Serr-Fabah (Ahmed Fabah x Dahma Saafada)

Almoraima Ceniza  (Ibn Saafaddan x Ru Robin Sabbah)  More Photos      New!  

Almoraima Neblina  (Ibn Saafadan x Marlaroufa)    New!  

Almoraima Sarita   (Mah Deluque x LCA Bint Serabah)

AK Serramah   (Mah Hab x AK Bint Serasaab)   New!  

Ashkar el Khebir  (Bedu Sabir x Charabs Sharifa)  More Photos   

Bint Roulett  (Mah Hab x Roulett)

Char Mahrsab (Mahrouss x Shar Sabbah)    New!  

Charab  (Fa- Serrab x Shar Negroufa)    New!  

Charabs Sharifa  (Kamars Sharif x Charabs Amurra)

Dahman Al Lothar (Abbas Ibn Lothar x Dahma Saafada)  Photos 1   2   3

Fabah  (*Fadl X *Bint Bint Sabbah)

Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Fabah Mahrena)   More Photos     Show Photos

Fabo  (Fabah x Misimma).

Fa Lothar Azaba  (Abbas Ibn Lothar x Almoraima Neblina)   New! 

Fa-Serr   (*Fadl X *Bint Serra) 

Ibn Lothar  (Lothar x Shar Sabbah)   

Ibn Mahrouf   (Mahrouf X Serr Abba)

Ibn Saafaddan  (Saafaddan X Daal Abba)

Ibn Sabbah Bedu +// (Serabaar x Shar Sabbah)  More Photos 1   2    Sabbah's Kids   Sabbah, The Wonder Horse   The Serabaar Breeding program

Kamars Sharif (Fabah x Roufina)   New! 

Khebir  (*Fadl X *Bint Bint Sabbah)  

Khebirs Akelah  (Bedu Sabir x Charabs Sharifa)  2007 Ch. mare More Photos

Khebirs Amira  (Bedu Sabir x Bint Roulett)  2003 Bay mare  More Photos 1   2   3

Khebirs Kira  (Bedu Sabir x Bint Roulett)  2005 Bl/Bay mare   More Photos

Lothar  (*Fadl X Habba)  More Photos    Lothar Babsons

Mah Hab (Mahrouf x Bah Habba)     New!  

Mah Hab El Dine  (Harou x Amirah El Dine)     New!  

Mah Sabbah Bedu (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Bint Roulett)   More Photos

Masada El Fasab (Fa Asar x Zahara Sabiya)   More Photos 

Masada Faadana   (Ibn Saafaddan x Masada Serrasaada)

Masada Mishannah   (Fabo x ASF Hannah)

Midbar Fa Rabdan  (Ibn Fa-Serr X Aaroufina)

MK Serra Sabbah  (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x AK Seramah)   New! 

Nefrett  (Ibn Mahrouf x Bint Roulett)  Updated! 

        Rabdans Serraniza  (Midbar Fa Rabdan x Almoraima Ceniza) 

        Ru Fadl Esswad  (Kamars Sharif x Ru Bonni Sabbah)      New!  

        Serabaar   (Ibn Fa Serr x Serabah)   More Photos

          Serr Ibn Sabbah (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Dahma Saafada)  Photos 1  2

        Serr Kazmeen  (Ahmed Fabo x Almoraima Alegria)   More Photos   Updated! 

        SSH Serasabbah  (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x Almoraima Sarita)    New!  

        "Sudan Sharif"  (Ru Fadl Esswad x Sah Barou Sudana)     New!  

Diversity Groups   

         With Lothar Babsons      New!  

          Without Fabah Diversity Group information      New! 

        Without *Maaroufa Group information    



"We are the children of many sires, and every drop of blood in us in its turn betrays its ancestor."

~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sight of [that pony] did something to me I've never quite been able to explain.  He was more than tremendous strength and speed and beauty of motion.  He set me dreaming.    

 ~  Walt Morey   

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