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Bint Al Bahr's Babson Mares

 Bint Al Bahr Arabians has the following Babson mares currently in residence (click on each mare to see her photos, extended pedigree, offspring, and background information)


Dahma Saafada  (Kamal Ibn Fabo x Masada Fadaana)  More Photos   SOLD

Fabah Mahrena  (Ahmed Fabah X Bint Roulett)  More Photos 1   2   SOLD

        Serra Sereneh  (Ahmed Serrfaddan X Nefer Tiye)  More Photos   SOLD

        Serra Khedena  (Ahmed Fabo x Serra Sereneh)   More Photos    SOLD

         Sah Barou Sudana  (Sah Hasim Kabar x Mah Bah Roufa)  SOLD

          Ahmeds Char Serra  (Ahmed Fabo x Sah Barou Sudana)     More photos 1 SOLD

          Bint Saafada  (Ru Fadl Esswad x Dahma Saafada)  2010 Filly!    More photos 1  SOLD


Nefrett has moved to Texas, Khebirs Amira to Georgia,  Khebirs Kira is in Washington and Khebirs Akelah  has stayed in Arizona but has a new family.  Bint Roulett, Almoraima Ceniza and Charabs Sharifa have gone to greener pastures. You will find all their pages and news in the  Babson Family section. 


As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.

~ William Shakespeare

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