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Khebirs Akelah at 2 years old




Charabs Sharifa (Kamars Sharif x Charabs Amurra) finally gave birth after a long foal watch to her Bedu Sabir FILLY at 7:55 Friday morning, March 9, 2007. Another filly for the Khebir group! 

The Beautiful Brilliant Bouncing Baby Babson Bint is a chestnut with a tiny star and snip and one hind sock.  

Bruce added the "Brilliant." When it was time for the filly to nurse, this filly walked up to Sharifa and latched on like she had been doing it for days. No searching, no fumbling and no hesitation! We found this amazing as she was born 36 inches tall to a not tall Mom and the body position and neck bend needed to reach under and find the udder was already understood by the filly. The filly had suckled the "Seramune" from a baby bottle first which, while adding strength and boosts the Igg levels, usually adds to the "nursing on mom" challenge. So grateful was Bruce when the filly demonstrated repeatedly that she had this nursing process all worked out on her own that he declared her not just smart but Brilliant! 



Training starts on day one. This filly is very friendly and easy to handle. She didn't know she wasn't born halter broken so she was happily walking with us wearing her halter at this early age. This along with all the other new things she has seen and experienced since birth are accepted as naturally as nursing on Mom. She has already had her 1st rider!  "Hobbes" was happy to be her test pilot. 



She was born to be the 19th out of the last 23 foals born here that were born during the day. Sharifa foaled about an hour and a half after her breakfast had been served. I give them "the talk" about the advantages of a day time foaling but I think these comfort loving Babson moms have figured out they don't have any meals served late when they use this foaling schedule. 

Never under estimate the power of appetite!   More on "the Talk"


Khebirs Akelah 

March 9, 2007 
Chestnut filly

Bedu Sabir  

Bay 03/25/1986

Sera Dahmansabbah #126946
Fleetfoot #8173
Chestnut 05/09/1952
Khebir #2378 Chestnut 05/16/1942
Nadra #2893 Chestnut 03/28/1944
Khezera #42091
Chestnut 07/24/1967
Ibn Faddan #13489 Ch. 4/09/1958
Aradan #8886 Chestnut 4/28/1953
Shar Sabbah #39175
Bl/Bay 06/04/1966
Negem #11461
Black 05/25/1956
Fa-Serr #4482 Black 07/10/1947
Fay Negma #1584 Grey 5/17/1938
Gammousa #3887
Bay 03/30/1946
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
Fay Sabbah #1583 Bay 5/15/1938

Charabs Sharifa 

 Bay    06/26/1996

Kamars Sharif #112144
Black  04/30/1974
Fabah #6264
Bay   05/09/1950
*Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Bint Sabbah  #894 Bay 1930
Roufina #31958
Black  04/07/1965
Fa-Serr #4482 Black 0710/1947
Aaroufa #7892 Grey  05/16/1952
Charabs Amurra #451005 Bay  04/20/1990 Charab #50582
Bay   04/21/1968
Fa-Serrab #25303 Bay 06/20/1963
Shar Negroufa #25424 Bay 1963
Mahroufs Amira #358082 Chest. 1986 Mahrouf  #83235 Chest  4/03/1972
Serr Rous Amira #210536 Bay 1980


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