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2004 Arabian Horse Convention Report

November 2004  -  Bruce has just returned from the Arabian Horse Association Convention and Board meeting in Anchorage Alaska.  There were no sightings of the famous Northern Lights but there were many other highlights at the Convention.                 

Read Bruce's 2004 AHA Convention Report

Photo Article and More!

A new article has been added to the Readers Corner section on improving your horse photos.   When the horses have shed their winter coats.  Its time to  Ready... Set... Snap!!    

A wonderful and fun page of Horse Quotes has been added as well as a lovely touching poem, The Old Gelding.  A page in the Babson Family section has added for Fabo.   More to come soon!

Masada el Fasab  -  Sept 2003 Diana Johnson photo
Masada El Fasab       


2004 St Babson colt at about 24 hours  (Abbas Ibn Lothar x SSH Serahsaafa) - Diana Johnson photo

2004 Foaling News 

We're celebrating!!  Two rare sireline Lothar colts by our Abbas Ibn Lothar bring the St. Babson Lothar descendants up to 4 stallions and 2 mares.  

Serr Lothar is an athletic chestnut beauty, who traces twice to Lothar.  Fa Azaba Lothar, a black grey, combines the Lothar line with the Saafaddan line. 

Meet the 2004 Lothar kids   

Serr Lothar -  24 hours old

  Serr Lothar    and   Fa Lothar Azaba

Horse of the Year!!!

Ahmed Fabo (Ahmed Fabah X Dahma Saafada) earned the 2003 Horse of the Year for the United States Equestrian Region 7 Arabian Dressage!  His photograph will appear in the March 2004 issue of EQUESTRIAN magazine.  

Awaiting Further News....

Ahmed Fabo  -  1998 non-*Maaroufa Babson stallion  -  October 2003 Diana johnson photo

We received a notice in the mail that Ahmed Fabo is one of the leaders for the USA Equestrian  Region 7 Horse of the Year Award!!  USA Equestrian used to be called the American Horse Show Association.    Ahmed Fabo (Ahmed Fabah X Dahma Saafada), our 5 yr old Babson stallion, is currently ranked # 1 in Region 7!  Nationally he is ranked # 29!  Ahmed Fabo is home now and will not show the rest of the season.  Since we had not planned to show him again until the 2003 season was over, bringing him home did not affect his standing.  The results are not yet official.   There may be more scores to add in for other horses.  We don't know if the US Nationals scores have been added in yet.  Although he was qualified but we did not go this year.  We will post further news when we know more!

Ahmed Fabo - October 2003      

New Pages Added!

Khebir  A page on Khebir (*Fadl x *Bint Bint Sabbah) has been added to the Babson Family Section of the website.   He appears in several of our pedigrees.  A second Khebir page is under construction and will be up soon with additional information and more photos.
Khebir #2378 - foaled 1942

A wonderful article has been added to the site with the generous permission from the author, Joe Ferriss.   Fa-Serr, A Prince's Dream was  published in the Al Khamsa magazine  KHAMSAT.   Fa-Serr  -  Wonderful Trudy Mangles photo

Fa-Serr  #4482 -  foaled 1947

A page of HORSE COOKIE recipes has been added to put a gleam in your horse's eyes, brighten up your holiday celebrations or to give as fun gifts.

Bint Roulett and her 2003 Bedu Sabir filly at 24 hours.

We're Celebrating!

A 2003 Khebir line Babson filly is born!  

Bint Roulett had a filly by Bedu Sabir on March 23, 2003.  She was born at 9:30 in the morning.  Her birth makes 15 of the last 18 foals born here daytime foals.  Our comfort loving Babson mares seem to say "No mare shall foal before her breakfast is served!"  

This pretty bay filly weighed in at 100lbs at birth.  She was carried for 335 days.  Bint Roulett's previous fillies had been 325 and 326 day gestations.  We are celebrating this very welcome arrival!!

More photos of this special filly

Ahmed Fabo wins BLUE at the Scottsdale Show!

Ahmed Fabo, our five year old Babson stallion (Ahmed Fabah x Dahma Saafada) had a very good show at the 2003 Scottsdale All Arabian Show.  He brought home a first, second, third and fourth.  We are very pleased with his performance.  He was quiet and relaxed during his tests as well as while waiting his turn to show.  

We didn't tell Sabbah where we were going as we disappeared down the driveway heading for the show.  He would have wanted to go play too!  

Ahmed Fabo at the 2003 Scottsdale All Arabian show  -  Diana Johnson photo

My favorite bumper sticker seen at the show...

"Silly Cowboy... Trucks are for GIRLS!"   

Rain on the Scottsdale 2003 Show!      

On February the 12th through 14th a big rainstorm hit the Buckeye, Phoenix, and Scottsdale areas.  Rain was heavy with some areas getting 2.5 to 3 inches of rain.  The show grounds on Friday morning were so wet that the dressage classes had to be cancelled.  Saturday's delayed dressage classes were moved to a new arena and held from 6 PM to 1 AM Saturday night.  Ahmed Fabo's trainer Jackie Alkin put out some Scottsdale survival gear as part of her barn display wishing everyone the best of luck while "swimming down the center line!"

The West World facility was better known as "Wet World" for the early part of Scottsdale Week.


Ahmed Fabo's 1st Show 

Our 4 year old Straight Babson stallion, Ahmed Fabo (Ahmed Fabah X Dahma Saafada), went to his very first horseshow in December 2002 at the Saguaro Classic Arabian Horse Show.  He had an amazing show coming home with the Reserve Championship in the Open Division For All Levels, 2 Firsts, a Second and a Third in 4 Dressage classes.       Show Photos  Ahmed Fabo and Jackie Alkin  -  Dec 2002 Saguaro Classic Arabian Horseshow - Diana Johnson Photo

Serabaar  1970 - 2002

"Some horses come into our lives and make hoof prints on our hearts and we are never, never the same"    -   Anonymous

Serabaar  -  Diana Johnson photo I lost my beautiful Serabaar on Oct 29th to a stroke.   I am grateful he did not seem to be in pain and that I could be there with him the whole time.  In so many ways it was not as bad as it could have been, for that I am very grateful for both of us.  He left me quietly with our vet's assistance.  He was a very special horse and I really miss him.  

More on  Serabaar    The Serabaar Breeding Program     Serabaar 32nd Birthday & 2002 News

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