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More News from an Earlier Date!!


Fall 2002 - Ahmed Fabo is being started under saddle.  A new page has been added for photos of this process  -  Ahmed Fabo in Training.  

A new horse story has been added about Shiloh, our first Arabian.  He celebrated his 29th birthday in 2002.  

Detail from Dancing Horse Cabinet, a piece of painted furniture by Diana Johnson

A new section has been added to the site!  

Reader's Corner contains articles, stories and poems.  I hope you will enjoy it.

The beauty of an Arizona sunrise starts the morning off with wonder and awe.  This was taken just a few steps from my back door looking towards Phoenix.  Phoenix is near the center of the horizon, 35 miles away.

In the summer the sunset reflects on the downtown Phoenix glass buildings making them glowing jewels on the Eastern skyline.

It is the 2002 Foaling Season! 

News from 2002's foaling season can be found on the Foal News  and Foal News 2  pages.  Lots of photos!!!

Rowena King presenting the International Arabian Horse Association - Region 7 2001 Volunteers of the Year awards to Kevin King (left) & Bruce Johnson at the December 2001 Saguaro Classic Arabian Horse Show
Kevin        Rowena         Bruce


Two new stories have been added to the Horse Stories section of our site.  They are Khaadir al Bahr and One Eyed Jack

A page has been added for Lothar, a rare line in the Babson group.  It is in the Babson Family section.

Khaadir Al Bahr, my brave and sensible friend - Diana Johnson photo

Khaadir al Bahr

We are proud to announce that Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ earned a National Top Ten at 4th Level Dressage at the 2001 US National Championship Show!  He was 5th in Prix St George.  Sabbah now retires from the show ring with 5 National Top Tens, 15 Regional Top 5 awards, 7 Regional Championships, 7 Regional Reserve Championships, Several Scottsdale Championships (as well as a history of never being out of the ribbons at the prestigious Scottsdale show) and many other championships and ribbons that earned Sabbah his Legion of Honor and Legion of Supreme Honor awards.  

Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ 's Entered - 2001 US  National Championships.  

Sabbah will compete in 3 events.  On Sunday October 21st Sabbah will jump in the Regular Working Hunter classes.  Dressage for Sabbah starts on Thursday the 25th with 4th level and Prix St George on Friday the 26th.  Finals for Dressage will be on Saturday the 27th.  If you are going to be at Nationals and want to see Sabbah show, please check for his dressage ride times at the show grounds.   Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ and Jackie Alkin at Fourth Level.  -   J M Naismith Photo

He doth nothing but talk of his horse.
William Shakespeare ~ The Merchant of Venice

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