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(*Fadl X *Bint Bint Sabbah)
1942 - 1963


Excerpts from Arabian Horse News - September 1963 - page 29

Eulogy to Khebir    

by Marguerite Piers 

Khebir was a purple horse with a henna mane and tail.  Spectacular in the summer when his winter coat, which was a dark liver chestnut, was discarded for his royal color.  His head, like his color, was unique.  His enormous eyes were soft and gentle but inquiring and always interested.  Most distinctive were his nostrils, for the wind channels were the longest and most prominent of any I have ever seen.  When his nostrils were extended through excitement the channels seemed to stretch almost to his eyes.  Khebir's dam, *Bint Bint Sabbah No. 894, was said to have possessed these extreme nostrils. 

Khebir was bred by the Henry Babson of Illinois.  His sire was the famous imported Egyptian stallion *Fadl No. 896.  His dam, the aforementioned *Bint Bint Sabbah, was also of 100 percent Egyptian blood. Khebir was the first stallion ever sold off the Babson Farm to be later leased back.  In his lifetime he had several owners before becoming the most treasured possession of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foster of Rolling Hills, California, who devoted ten years of their time and energy to Khebir before his death.

Khebir's show career was halted early because of an unfortunate accident which left him blind in one eye.  He has sired some truly outstanding  Arabians.  In the East a son, Khizan, was a Canadian top ten champion.  Many are the proud owners who have Arabians sired by Khebir. The Fosters have retained eight fillies which they call "Khebir's Memorial. "

Khebir died suddenly of a heart attack on May 3, 1963 , just short of his twenty-first birthday which would have been on May 16th. To the end he was vigorous, beautiful and a magnificent animal. 


Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan RAS #86
Chestnut 05/171917
 Rabdan RAS# 49 Grey   
 Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey   
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920 Mabrouk   Egypt  #73 
Negma RAS #45   Grey              
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894
Bay 05/19/1930
Bayiad  RAS 
 Mabrouk Manial RAS# 67 Grey   
 Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey   
Bint Sabbah
 Kazmeen RAS# 13 Bay   
 Sabah  RAS# 103 chestnut   



Excerpts from The Arabian Horse News - June/July 1963 page 26

From Helen and Earl Foster, Hillendale Ranch, Rolling Hills  California came the following account of the death of their stallion KHEBIR #2378:

"Tragedy struck our Hillendale Ranch the evening of May 3, when our beloved KHEBIR died very suddenly from a heart attack.  Though he lacked but a few days of being 21 years old, he looked and acted nearer half that age and appeared in his  usual buoyant, vigorous health to the last.

This beautiful liver chestnut stallion whose sire *FADL and dam *BINT BINT SABBAH were both imported from Egypt by Henry Babson, was bred on the Babson Farm in Illinois, coming to the West Coast a few years later, he has been a most important member of our family for nearly ten years. 

To us, who loved and respected him so much, KHEBIR was more than a great stallion he was friend, companion, pal, a real 'Ham' and a true gentleman at all times. He was always a little more joy and a little less trouble than any of our other Arabians.  Even in death, he made it as easy for us as such a tragedy and loss could possibly be.

We miss him dreadfully and no other horse can ever quite replace him, but still he lives on in our hearts and in the truly good and beautiful offspring he is leaving to carry on for him."  

Another page on Khebir coming soon with more photos and information!

Khebir is a full brother to stallions Fad Sabbah (1946), Fasaab (1948), and Fabah (1950).  His full sisters are Fa Dahma (1936), Fa Saana (1937), Habba (1945), Fa-Habba (1947), Faaba (1949) and Fa-Abba (1951).



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