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He doth nothing but talk of his horse.
William Shakespeare ~ The Merchant of Venice

  THE BABSON INFLUENCE: A Retrospective    -   The book is finished and has been mailed to our Gallery Sponsors and those who purchased pre-publication copies. The book will be available at the Egyptian Event at the Kentucky Horse Park where there will be a book signing on Thursday at noon.  See you there!   If you did not preorder the book, you can get a copy from The Institute for the Desert Arabian            ORDERING INFORMATION         (Posted April 16, 2009) 


There's a New Boy in Town...


We have a new arrival - a 26 year old (2008) "syndicated"  Babson stallion!   Ru Fadl Esswad is now at Bint Al Bahr.  He was thought to be gone but he's alive!  Read his story!

Ru Fadl Esswad


U.S. Nationals Bound!

FABAH SERR (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x Fabah Mahrena) will be showing at the 2008 U.S. Arabian National Championships.  If you are there, please stop by the Trail Class Championships and cheer him on!  We are very proud of him and thankful for his dedicated owners, Teri and David Kelly for giving him this opportunity.


2008 Regional CHAMPIONS!

Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ is a very proud Dad! Sabbah has 5 Straight Babson Egyptian sons, 3 of them have ventured into the show ring.  All 3 earned Regional Championships in 2008!  The 3 sons earned a total of 4 Regional Championships, 5 Top Fives in  3 divisions...  Whoopeee!  Extra carrots for all!

The Straight Babson stallion Serr Sotamm+ (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Almoraima Alegria) earned the Region 9 Championship at both 2nd and 3rd Level Dressage.  The show was July 11-13th in Waco, Texas.  More photos of Serr Sotamm+


Mah Sabbah Bedu (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Bint Roulett) 2001  Straight Babson stallion, earned Region 9 Championship in Sport Horse Purebred Stallions In Hand ATH as well as Top 5 in Sport Horse Under Saddle.  More on Mah Sabbah Bedu.


Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x Fabah Mahrena) 2001 Straight Babson gelding, earned the title of Region 7 Champion in Trail on April 25th, 2008.  The course had obstacles he had never done before but he handled them all with his usual calm attitude. He was 15 points above the Reserve Champion.  He earned a Top Ten in Trail at the prestigious Scottsdale Show in February 2008.  

Fabah is proudly owned by Teri and David Kelly.  More on Fabah Serr  Look for him at 2008 Nationals.

Just moments before going into the ring for his Regional Championship class Fabah Serr came to the aid of his stablemate "Strawberry" by galloping back to the barn for a few things when she lost a shoe just before her showing.  On return to the ring from his rousing gallop, he downshifted into neutral again, snoozing until he entered the ring moments later.  That is very much who he is!

Beautiful Bouncing Baby Babson Boy!

In the early hours of March 26th 2008, Dahma Saafada presented us with a wonderful colt by Abbas Ibn Lothar.  Another beauty for the rare "With Lothar" group!  We are now up to 8 horses in that "keep the diversity" group.   More on this fancy colt!

We are celebrating!!!

  Just a few hours old

Scottsdale 2008 Results

Two Straight Babson Arabians were shown at 2008 Scottsdale!  WHOOPEE!  

Fabah Serr (Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ x Fabah Mahrena) earned a Top Ten in Trail.  He also won the Resv. Championship in Working Cow Horse at the January 2008 show in Tucson, AZ.

Serr Kazmeen (Ahmed Fabo x Almoraima Alegria) was shown in Sport Horse in Hand - 2 and 3 Year Old Stallions.   He had a great score, earned some wonderful comments from the judge, behaved like a real gentleman and took home a 4th place ribbon.  We are all thrilled with how well he is doing.

 Follow the above blue links for more on these Babson Arabians

The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse also had a gathering the first weekend of Scottsdale.  For more information

The Babson Influence!

A really EXCITING new project is now under construction.  Diana is part of a project to create and publish a new book titled The Babson Influence, a Retrospective.  This book celebrates the Straight Babson Arabians and the many Babson blends.   

Judi Forbis Photo

Henry Babson at 88 years and Fay-El-Dine at 28 years!


The Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse is publishing a reference book on the Babson importation and its influence on Arabian horse breeding since 1932. This hard cover book will be printed on acid-free paper, with reprints of seminal articles on the Babson herd and new articles on Babson horses, variant bloodlines, and the influence of Babson blood throughout the Arabian breed. For more information, sponsorship, and orders,  go to


We need YOU to be a part of this project!

We need your help in locating information on the various Babson Influence bloodgroups as well as individual horses.  We need show and other competition information.  We need your help in gathering good high resolution photos and scans of today's horses as well as historical photos.  We need your help so that when the book comes out, horses important to you will not be left out because we did not have the necessary information to include them.  What each of you know of or have photos of is relevant to the book project.  Without your help the book may be missing these important elements.  Please contact us for labeling information and photographer release forms needed for the photos as well as format information for articles.  We need your input.

This is YOUR Babson Influence book.

(Bedu Sabir x Charabs Sharifa) foaled March 9, 2007

A Beautiful Brilliant Bouncing Baby Babson Bint!!!

After a 340 day gestation Charabs Sharifa has foaled a wonderful 2007 chestnut filly by Bedu Sabir.   She is an exciting new addition to our Babson group.

Just a few hours old

More on Khebirs Akelah


Serr Ibn Sabbah is for sale The 2006 photo season is nearly over.  New photos are now up of   Serr Ibn SabbahSerra Khedena and  Khebirs Kira.   More to come!  

Serr Ibn Sabbah - 1 year


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He doth nothing but talk of his horse.
 William Shakespeare ~ The Merchant of Venice

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