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(*Fadl X Habba)
August 13, 1955 - December 30, 1978

Lothar was the last and seventy-ninth foal for his sire *Fadl.  *Fadl was 24 years old when he sired Lothar.  He was one of 12 foals for his dam Habba but her only foal by *Fadl.  Six of Habba's foals were Straight Babson.  Her other six foals represent her in the Babson/Turfa and Babson/Sirecho breeding groups.  She had 160 grandfoals.


The chestnut roan Babson stallion Lothar sired 52 offspring.  His grandfoals number over 260 horses.  Lothar was 24 years old when he sired his last foal. Over half of his foals were Al Khamsa but within Straight Babson lines today's descendents of Lothar are few.  

In the Babson tail male sireline we have three stallions,  Abbas Ibn Lothar and his 2004 sons Serr Lothar and Fa Lothar Azaba.  (A tail male sireline traces the upper most line of a pedigree.)

Lothar's gleaming roan coat shows in this photo of him as an aged stallion.
     Lothar  -  Jon Reidlinger photo

Lothar training for 100 mile endurance rides

Lothar had two straight Babson sons.  The first was Fadlozip in 1959 with Fadba ( Faddan X Fay Sabbah) and was the sire of 35 foals in 3 years from 1965 to 1968 but left no Straight Babson descendants. 

The second son, Ibn Lothar, was foaled in 1978 from Shar Sabbah (Negem X Gammousa).  He sired 31 foals from 1981 to the present.  

Linda Tellington Jones riding Lothar

To date Ibn Lothar has only one Straight Babson replacement, a sireline Heirloom replacement for Lothar, Abbas Ibn Lothar foaled in 1997 from  Bint Roulett (Mah Hab X Roulett).  Abbas Ibn Lothar has sired four Straight Babson replacements for this line to Lothar.

Lothar's four straight Babson daughters were Masada Habba (1975 from Daal Aba), Masada Dahmah (1977 from Daal Aba), Masada Saaba (1977 from Masada Serrasaada) and Masada Saafa (1978 from Masada el Aba).   

Of Lothar's daughters only two produced Babson foals, Masada Saaba and Masada Saafa.  Masada Saaba had two straight Babson foals.  Her son Saafad by Ibn Saafaddan sired 12 foals (none Babson) from 1984 to 1991.  Her 1983 Babson daughter Masada Fa-Saaba by Fabo (Fabah X Misimma) sadly has produced no foals for her dedicated owners.

The Lothar daughter Masada Saafa (deceased) is represented in today's Babson group through her son Almoraima El Cid ( By Dhar Serr Rouf) and Almoraima El Cid's daughter SSH Serahsaafa (X  LCA Bint Serabah).  As of 2009 there are 4 Babsons that carry this line to Lothar.

Lothar was a Without *Maaroufa sub-group Babson as were all of his daughters but sadly Lothar has no descendents in today's Without *Maaroufa group. 

The unique diversity represented by the Lothar line in the Straight Babson group depends on the following horses, (as of 2009) six stallions and three mares.  Each of these horse's owners are eager to keep the Lothar line alive in today's Babson group.  

Almoraima El Cid - 1988 chestnut stallion (Serr Rouf x Masada Saafa) 

Abbas Ibn Lothar - 1997 bay stallion (Ibn Lothar x Bint Roulett) 

SSH Serahsaafa - 1996 chestnut mare (Almoraima El Cid x LCA Bint Serabah)

Serabahs Sable Gem - 2002 bay mare (Masada Ben Asar x SSH Serahsaafa)  

Serr Lothar - 2004 chestnut stallion (Abbas Ibn Lothar x SSH Serahsaafa) Lothar is on both sides of his pedigree combining both sources to Lothar!

Fa Lothar Azaba - 2004 blk/grey stallion (Abbas Ibn Lothar x Almoraima Neblina)  

Serra Bint Lothar - 2006 blk/grey mare (Abbas Ibn Lothar x AK Seramah)

Dahman Al Lothar - 2008 dark bay stallion (Abbas Ibn Lothar x Dahma Saafada) 

Fay El Daaldan - 2009 chestnut stallion (Almoraima El Cid x Ru Bint Fasaad)

Photos of the above Babsons


Lothar in training for 100 mile endurance races.

Lothar  -  AHNews June 1962 page 40

Linda Tellington Jones and Lothar - AHNews Feb. 1962 page 47

Lothar and Walter Schimanski -   AHWorld August 1982 page 64

Lothar - 17 yrs -  Jon Reidlinger Photo 1972 

More photos of Lothar

LOTHAR #10089
Chestnut Roan 08/13/1955

  *Fadl #896
   Grey 06/17/1930
  Ibn Rabdan RAS*86 Chestnut 1917
  Mahroussa EGYPT*115 Grey 1920
  Habba #3390
  Grey 06/17/1930
  *Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
  *Bint Bint Sabbah   Bay   03/18/1930

Joe Ferriss on the back cover of the June 1, 1979 issue of the Breeders' Service Bulletin described Lothar as "...artistically handsome, functionally durable and an outstanding sire.  His facial expression radiated the intelligence and excellent disposition associated with his ancestry.  He was exotic, unique and above all he was clearly the mirror of his heritage."

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