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1993 - 2010

Khaadir is a 7/8 Babson Straight Egyptian Al Khamsa gelding.  He has always been a very smart sensible horse.  

Khaadir was two years old and out in our front arena during a pasture irrigation.  When I went to feed him breakfast I saw one side of his jaw was very swollen.  Thinking he might have a broken jaw, I ran to call the vet.  

Khaadir al Bahr modeling a handmade halter
Dr. Robert Doster responded to my call for help.  Khaadir's face continued to swell in the few minutes it took for the vet to arrive.  Dr. Doster examined Khaadir and determined he had been bitten on the nose by a rattlesnake.  

We quickly cut off the closed end of two 35cc syringe outer cases (the covering tube that the syringe is in to keep it sterile).  I drilled small holes in the open end and sanded smooth the cut end.  Dr. Doster  then inserted these plastic tubes into Khaadir's nostrils and stitched them in place to keep Khaadir's airways open.   Without these tubes Khaadir would suffocate from the swelling.   All this had to be done without any tranquillizers or other medication as it would have been dangerous for Khaadir to mix those chemicals with his body's natural response to the snakebite venom.  

      By the time Dr Doster left  I had a pile of  antibiotics to give and instructions that he be closely watched and kept quiet.  Since Bruce was out in California to swim an ocean  race,  I was on my own.  I told Khaadir that it was up to him.  He would have to help me give the 7 shots a day or he wouldn't make it.  For every shot he met me at the gate to his stall and stood quietly as I inexpertly poked him with his shots.  His head was swollen double its normal size and too painful to put a halter on, so all his shots had to be given without any restraint.  
Even as his neck and hindquarters became sore from the many penicillin shots, he continued to meet  me for each of his shots.  He seemed to know that this was what he had to do to live.   Bruce returned from California as soon as he could.  As the result of the Masters Swimming 10 mile Pier to Pier ocean swimming race  Bruce had became the "United States National Champion at 10 miles Open Ocean."  Khaadir continued to help me with the shots and thankfully soon recovered.  Today he shows no signs or scars of all he went through but his ever helpful co-operative attitude remains steady as ever.

Khaadir has had some basic dressage  training with Jackie Alkin of Royal Salute.  Khaadir had the job of raising our young stallions.  He did a good job teaching them good manners while being a buddy to them.  I consider it a very important job as it makes my job much safer and easier!

Khaadir's sire is our Babson stallion, Bedu Sabir and his dam was my favorite riding mare, AK Maaroufa. Khaadir was named after a friend's Arabian gelding who was very smart and sensible.  I think Della would agree our Khaadir has a good start in following the Khaadir legacy.



Khaadir al Bahr
1993 Straight Egyptian Al Khamsa Gelding

Bedu Sabir (Straight Babson) Sera Dahmansabbah Fleetfoot
Shar Sabbah Negem
AK Maaroufa Na Ibn Moniet *Ibn Moniet el Nefous
Roufah  (St. Babson)
Aarouser (St. Babson) Fa-Serr


2005 Update

Khaadir and his best friend Zarlastra Bahr are now owned by the Bland family.  The Bland girls spent the summer here getting to know the boys then took them home to Alabama.


2009 Update

The Bland family are now our neighbors here in Arizona.  They have added a couple Babson fillies to their herd to start a Babson breeding program.  The Babson characteristics they so treasure in their "boys" have made them want to contribute to the future Babson population.  

2010 Update

Khaadir and Zar are both grazing peacefully beside the Rainbow Bridge.  Khaadir was lost to a sudden heart attack on August 5th and his devoted friend Zar followed on December 22.  We all miss them.

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