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1982 Straight Babson Egyptian Stallion

 April 28 1982 - November 9, 2012

 Through the days of love and celebration and joy, 
and through the dark days of mourning....
the faithful horse has been with us always
                    ~Elizabeth Cotton


Ru Fadl Esswad a week after his arrival - Sept 2008 Diana Johnson photo  From 2008  

Mark Twain said it well when he remarked “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated! We are pleased to announce that one thought to be lost has been found safe.  Ru Fadl Esswad ( Kamars Sharif x Ru Bonni Sabbah ) 1982 black Straight Babson Egyptian stallion is alive and well!  And now here at Bint Al Bahr!

Ru Fadl Esswad was dropped from the Babson Living Horse Roster several years ago when he was thought to be dead.  Imagine my surprise when an email came to my website  from Christine Cowan of Washington saying she had recently bought him!  (  

Christine had him moved from his original farm and started adding weight to him. She had him tested and he is fertile and shippable.  Amazing… he is both Living and Fertile! 

It was a decision of the heart when Christine offered a partnership to Diana & Bruce Johnson of Bint Al Bahr Babson Arabians, Buckeye, AZ and Carolyn Jacobson of Beaux Chevaux Farm, Alpharetta , GA. Diana was mourning the August 2008 loss of his paternal half sister, the SBE mare Charabs Sharifa (Kamars Sharif x Charabs Amurra).  Carolyn and Jenn Abi Younes were still in shock from the June 2008 loss of Zaaroulette (Ru Fadl Esswad x Serazarah), the only SBE daughter of this stallion.  Carolyn who presented Zaaroulette as a graduation gift to a young woman who loved the mare dearly, and Jenn, Zaaroulette’s loving owner and dressage rider, came to Arizona to see and hug Ru Fadl Esswad in early November 2008. Thanks to Christine we have another chance at adding his line back into the SBE herd.  Two fall Babson foals are expected for 2009 and more for spring of 2010.  His fertility is very good, testing on his last 3 collections 70 to 75% forward progressive.  He is available for cooled shipments as well.

   Ru Fadl Esswad has a rare Babson pedigree.  He is without a line to the prolific stallion Ibn Fa-Serr.  His sire Kamars Sharif (Fabah x Roufina) a black dressage stallion was owned by Ellie Prince and Dorthy Feldman.  Geographically challenged Kamars Sharif sired only two SBE foals.  Ru Fadl Esswad is the only one left.  His black SBE dam Ru Bonni Sabbah adds a cross to each of the Babson imports.  His tail female line goes back to the great Fay Sabbah, a line well known for quality and many champions both within SBE and the many Babson blends.

Carolyn Jacobson of Beau Chevaux Arabians and I would like to thank Christina Cowan of  Judah Arabians, Seabeck, WA for finding this “living treasure”, recognizing his value, obtaining him and partnering with us in his ownership.  We believe Harold Jeans, who died several years ago, would be very pleased that his beautiful stallion gets a second chance to breed on.

 Ru Fadl Esswad's Babson Kids


 Ru Fadl Esswad    May He Live Long and Prosper!

More on his story to come soon as well as a page for Zaaroulette soon to be added to my Babson Family section.

I first met this proud and lovely black SBE stallion in 1993 when he carried the Oregon flag in the  Grand Entry for the Al Khamsa Fantasia.  The grey Babson stallion Char Iswid carried the American Flag and what a GRAND entry it was! These two Babson stallions, one black and one white, took my breath away.

Ru Fadl Esswad is related to a couple Babsons that are part of the Bint Al Bahr herd.  He has the same sire as Charabs Sharifa.  They were the only SBE foals of the black dressage stallion Kamars Sharif.  Ru Fadl Esswad's dam is a full sister to the dam of our Almoraima Ceniza.


Ru Fadl Esswad 

 Black    04/28/1982

Kamars Sharif #112144
Black  04/30/1974
Fabah #6264
Bay  05/09/1950
*Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930 Ibn Rabdan RAS #86 Ch.  5/17/1917
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah  #894 Bay  05/19/1930 Bayiad  - RAS #94   Grey   01/23/1918
Bint Sabah - RAS #135  Bay 3/24/1925
Roufina #31958
Black  04/07/1965
Fa-Serr #4482
Black 0710/1947
*Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930
Bint Serra I  #897  Bay 03/03/1923
Aaroufa #7892
Grey  05/16/1952
Fay-el-Dine #1170  Grey 05/01/1934
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931
Ru Bonni Sabbah #178447
Black 06/08/1978
Ru Fadl Shadow  #65395  Black 04/17/1970 Daaldan #3144
Chestnut 06/01/1945
Faddan #1172  Bay 06/04/1935
Fay Dalla #1657  Grey 04/14/1939
Bint Gammousa #26189 Bay 09/30/1963 Negem #11461  Black 05/25/1956
Gammousa #3887  Bay 03/30/1946
Ru Sabbah #76727
Bay 04/12/1971
Fa-Serrab #25303
Bay 06/20/1963
Fabah #6264  Bay 05/09/1950
Serr Abba #15334  Black 04/21/1959
Bint Gammousa #26189 Bay 09/30/1963 Negem #11461  Black 05/25/1956
Gammousa #3887  Bay 03/30/1946





We lost our treasure Ru Fadl Esswad on November 9, 2012 at 30 years young.  He was a horse of great charm with a gentle spirit that attracted friends of all ages.  In his last year we took many photos of him with some of his fans.  For some it was the first time they stood next to a stallion.  He loved all the attention and admiration. 

Dear sweet "Fadl" you are greatly missed.





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