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This fancy bay Straight Babson stallion was born March 27, 2006.  His proud breeders are Elizabeth Dawsari and Nick King.  He is leggy, pretty and smart.  He is co-owned by Linda and Frank Bochansky (Arizona) and Carolyn and Jake Jacobson (Georgia).  He was shown in Sport Horse in Hand as a yearling and is now being trained in Dressage.  

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January 2012 photos 










Diana Johnson photos

August 2011 photos - 5 years old

Serr Kazmeen with Alan Weber up - Frank Bochansky photos





Serr Kazmeen with Alan Weber up near Prescott Arizona

Frank Bochansky photos 


Serr Kazmeen

March 27, 2006

  Ahmed Fabo   Ahmed Fabah   Fabah
  Dahma Saafada   Kamal Ibn Fabo
  Masada Faadana
  Almoraima Alegria    Midbar Fa Rabdan   Ibn Fa-Serr
  Fa Mahrouf   Mahrouf
  Bint Bahretta

The Proud Parents!


Almoraima Alegria  - 2005 Diana Johnson photo taken in the pastures of Bint al Bahr Babson Arabians. Kazmeen was along for the ride!

  Almoraima Alegria 

(Midbar Fa Rabdan x Fa Mahrouf)

Serr Kazmeen's dam earned the Reserve Championship Mares Sport Horse in hand at the 1999 Saguaro Classic.  She also  produced 2005 US Equestrian Federation Region 9 Dressage Horse of the Year Champion, Serr Sotamm+, by our Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/



Serr Kazmeen's sire is our Ahmed Fabo (Ahmed Fabah x Dahma Saafada).   Ahmed Fabo was awarded the 2003 US Equestrian Federation Region 7 Dressage Horse of the Year Champion.  He has also won Blue at the prestigious Scottsdale All Arabian show.  Ahmed Fabo is a rare Without *Maaroufa Babson. Ahmed Fabo  -  Diana Johnson photo at the Saguaro Classic Arabian Show


Kazmeen's Earlier Photos 



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