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I am often asked why I get so many daytime foalings.  It's easy!  I explain to our pregnant mares, over a handful of their favorite cookies, keeping eye contact with them about the comforts of foaling in the sunshine.  

"When you foal during the day you won't be cold and wet in the 30 to 40 degree night.  The sun will be warm and there will be lots of light to admire your new baby by.  Your breakfast will have already been served on time and you won't miss a meal.  Your stall will be clean and your straw freshly fluffed. You will have my undivided attention as I wait to serve you your yummy "after foaling mash."  After foaling, your dinner will be served on time because the foaling is complete and we will all sleep better at night."  

                "The talk" works here at Bint Al Bahr!  20 of my last 25 foalings (as of 2009) have been daylight foalings. These comfort loving Babsons are wonderful and very considerate once the advantages have been explained!



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