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Mah Sabbah Bedu
(Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/  x  Bint Roulett)

   From Susan Mayo - Susar Farm, Denton Texas
     I was riding Mah Sabbah Bedu in our front pasture on April 16, 2010. We had had an excessively wet spring and the grass was green with patches of taller clover scattered throughout.  Not an ideal surface but it was the best ground available at that time. 

"Sabbah" and I were working  in preparation for a dressage show and there were three mares (one of whom he had been bred to before) loose in the pasture.  The presence of the mares was not a problem as Sabbah is very well behaved and does not pay attention to mares while he is being ridden. 

While doing a lovely relaxed working canter, Sabbah suddenly slipped and fell, pinning my left leg under his body.  He instantly got up, and I tried to get up to grab his reins, but I could not stand at all on a leg that had both bones broken in several places. I was really afraid that Sabbah was going to take off running while dragging his reins and begin doing stallion antics with the mares while he was fully dressed, but there was nothing I could do to get ahold of him.  He is a good boy but I did not plan on turning him loose in the pasture with the mares!

When I did not get up, Sabbah came a bit closer to me, concerned, and put his head down......still not close enough for me to take his reins, but within about ten feet of me. He stood like that for fully 10 minutes until I was able to holler long and loud enough that someone heard me and brought up the gator to put me on it.  

The three mares were within 50 feet of him, and he was well aware of it, but he did not make a move away from me.  He stood quietly, as a highly visible guardian, marking my location and aiding in my rescue.

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Above Sabbah is proudly wearing the Egyptian halter that came into this country with the famous stallion *Tuhotmos!


Susan Mayo and her guardian, Mah Sabbah Bedu


When this photo was taken Sabbah was looking at a piece of mylar even though there were several mares grazing a short distance away.





Mah Sabbah Bedu 

Black Bay 02/01/2001


Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/ #323438
Black Bay 01/08/1985
Serabaar #67757
Bl/Bay 05/05/1970
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189 Grey 04/1960
Serabah #19243 Black 4/7/61
Shar Sabbah #125446
Bl/Bay 07/11/1975
Negem #11461 Black 05/25/56
Gammousa #3887 Bay 3/30/1946
Bint Roulett  #0467147
Bl/Bay 03/18/1991
Mah Hab #0210532
Bl/Bay 04/18/1980
Mahrouf # 083235 Chestnut  4/03/72
Bah Habba  #125445 Grey 6/30/75
Roulett #0174262
Bay 04/04/1978
Mahrouf #083235 Chestnut  04/03/72
Roulena #100676 Bay  05/10/73

Susan has recovered and is back to riding Sabbah and her other horses.  Mah Sabbah Bedu was bred by Bint Al Bahr Babson Arabians and co-owned by Susan Mayo and Keith Kosel.  Susar Farm is not too far from the Dallas area.


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