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Close Encounters of the Cow Kind


Maar Shalima  -  August 2005 Diana Johnson photo      Maar Shalima didn’t want to enter the small pen of aliens. They were fuzzy, had short legs, smelled funny and made awful noises. She asked Randy to take her out to ride into a lovely desert sunset instead. He asked again and she entered the dreaded pen, eyes wide, snort ready. She hugged the fence and passed the huddled group. To her surprise 3 of them dashed away from her into the arena she had come from. She turned and followed them with interest and curiosity. They RAN from HER!
 Randy let her follow one returning the others to their alien buddies. She was so intent on the cow she nearly forgot her job in closing the gate. She followed at a walk, then a trot. Randy allowed her full rein to do as she wished. She started passing the cow and turning it back. When the cow stopped she stood facing it, if it ran she ran after it until she could turn it. It was getting very dark, cows matching sky, when she was backed off her final cow. Randy’s grin shone through the darkness, “a natural cutting horse” he breathed.

I crawled under our pasture fence walking home in the dark, lost in thought, wondering if Shalima was really meant to be a dressage horse. Loud snorts and fast feet from out of the night told me the cows next door were not the only perceived Aliens afoot that night. The night shadows were very relieved to hear the voice of their waitress.           

Maar Shalima
1991 Straight Egyptian Mare
Raadin Inshalla *Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer
Allah Ateyyah (Babson) Ar-Ra’ad
AK Maaroufa Na Ibn Moniet *Ibn Moniet el Nefous
Roufah  (Babson)
Aarouser (Babson) Fa-Serr

Maar Shalima (Raadin Inshalla x AK Maaroufa) is a 1991 Al Khamsa Straight Egyptian mare. She has had some training in Dressage with Jackie Alkin.  

September 2004  -   I stood at dawn looking out through the kitchen window.  Maar Shalima was in the pasture just north of the house.  She was facing East, standing with her head high and tail up.  She held the pose unaware as the sunrise lit her graceful silver curves in pink then fading to a pale gold.  I did not even look to the Eastern horizon, Shalima was far more beautiful. 

Maar Shalima is now owned by Jon Michael of Hidden Hollow Preserve in Kentucky.

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2002 Photos of Maar Shalima     2005 photos of Maar Shalima

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Raadin Inshalla, Shalima's sire, was the 1977 Region 15 Reserve Champion Park Horse.

An article on her sire, Ra'adin Inshalla, appeared in the January 1997 issue of Arabian Visions

     Raadin Inshalla



1982  -  2000

Maar Shalima's dam, AK Maaroufa, was my special riding horse.  She was the kind of horse you could leave relaxing in pasture for months, then dust her off and take her out into the desert on trail ride and she always behaved as if she was last ridden out just the day before.

AK Maaroufa was the daughter of 2 National Top Ten Halter horses. We bought her at the 1988 Bentwood dispersal.  She was started under saddle at 7 years old by Lee Smith.  Lee and Maaroufa went to their first horse show at only 8 days under saddle with the intention of just riding her around the show grounds.  She was so quiet and relaxed that we put her in a couple western classes.  They placed 7th in both classes.  About 12 to 15 rides later at the next show under English tack she was entered into 2 classes earning two seconds out of 22 horses in her classes!  We did not show her again as she went to be bred in Arkansas to Raadin Inshalla.   The resulting filly was Maar Shalima.  

AK Maaroufa was my dear and willing friend.  

  AK Maaroufa

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