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  "Quick Silver" is one of our desert-bred rescue kittens. She has only one eye that we are sure never closes. Quick Silver is a Russian Blue colored cat, very smart and curious and the absolute fastest cat ever getting through doors into rooms you don't want her in. 

For our 25th wedding anniversary Jeanne, my maid of honor and college room mate, gave us a beautiful stoneware jar with small turtles on it. It was shipped from Nordstrom's San Francisco and arrived broken. Instead of bothering Jeanne, and stressing her about the breakage, I contacted Nordstrom's for a replacement. After a couple weeks a new jar arrived, the wrong shape and size.  I loved the original jar so I had Nordstrom once again searching for the right jar.  It took about 7 weeks to get a duplicate jar. 

I found an "out of cat traffic" display spot for it on the living room floor and greatly enjoyed it.  No need to tell Jeanne of the breakage.

One morning as I was coming inside after feeding the horses, I heard strange thumping noises in the kitchen.  I followed the sound to find Quick Silver with her head stuck inside the anniversary jar. I wet her neck with mineral oil and lifted the jar expecting her to slip right out. The jar held her fast. I tried everything I could to slip or pull her head out but she was stuck. Quick Silver was getting awfully quiet.  It reached the point when I did not think the oxygen supply in the jar would hold out much longer so I reached for the hammer! 

One carefully aimed tap and no result. Quick Silver was getting very passive at this point and my concern for her was strong. I hit the jar hard enough to break the top off and free the cat. The damage resulted in a jar very much like the original anniversary gift on arrival.  

Anyone have an extra Nordstrom's stoneware jar with turtles on it available?  I think having a few spare Turtle jars in reserve might be a good idea.


Quick Silver and the reconstructed jar


Quick Silver has had other exciting adventures. 

Bruce had put a plastic grocery bag with a few Diet Pepsi in it by the door so he could take them to work. While I fixed dinner and Bruce made his next day lunch, Quick Silver put her head through one of the handle loops. She moved forward dragging the bag and Pepsis. Another cat spooked, scaring Quick Silver who took off with the bag of Pepsis in tow. In the process of a frantic circle of the room, with cats flying everywhere, one of the Pepsi cans punctured making a terrifying hiss, spraying Pepsi all over the room, furniture, ceiling, cat and all. She flew around the house scattering cans of Pepsi, some hissing and spraying. We caught her on her 6 or 7th lap through the kitchen and freeing her from her frightening hissing parachute. 

I know she didn't understood why we were laughing so hard.

Who says we don't have fun with our desert-bred kitties! Although Bruce has since switched to water bottles but the bag goes directly to the car when filled, especially now that Quick Silver knows how much fun she can have with it.



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