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May 26, 1978  -  January 19, 2007 

     Daara was the first of several Arabians we acquired from Jackson’s Arabian Nursery. (See AHW February 1977 for a feature article on their historic breeding program) 

We spent many happy hours in the company of Nellie Jackson and her horses.  She was an amazing woman.  Nellie’s stallion Maar-Rab, Daara’s great grandsire, was our first introduction to the Straight Babson Egyptian, our current breeding program.

I very much enjoyed our visits to Jackson's Arabian Nursery.  We often looked at old photos and discussed the horses in them.  One afternoon Nellie took my hands, looked intently into my eyes and said she had some important advice for me. I eagerly anticipated hearing important breeding secrets.  She then told me in a very serious voice “If your house is too clean, you are not spending enough time with your horses.”  

Daara was a very smart mare.  She created and played a game on her own we called “Trail Horse.” Daara used round ground feeders that are about 3 ft in diameter and about 8 to 10 inches tall.  She moved forward, head down, in small steps until her toes touched the outer edge of the tub.  She then lifted each foot one at a time and placed them inside the feeder.  Daara inched her forefeet forward until her toes touch the tub wall again then lifted them carefully out.  She moved forward until her hind toes touched the outside wall of the tub then lifted them inside.  When all four feet had gone forward into and out of the tub, Daara looked over her shoulder and reversed the process, her hind feet in first, then out, then front in, then out again!  

I used to get calls from neighbors passing by about her extraordinary games!

Daara was honored in 2008 through 2014 (so far!) when the above photo was used on the Arabian Horse Association Data Source web site in a photo slide show on their opening page.  Arabian Horse DataSource   (you might have to be a subscriber to view this page.)   

Daara and her lifelong best friend Jackpot Holly were happily retired here at Bint al Bahr Babson Arabians.  Daara went on to greener pastures in January 2007 at 29 years old.  We miss her.  She owned us for 25 years.

Daara   #176186

1978 grey mare

My Amigo #27593 1963 Chestnut stallion

Rifal  #2864  Grey 1944 Rifage #1286 Grey 1936
Shahalli #944 Grey 1932
Malfara  #4953 Chestnut 1948 Malastra  #2687  Chestnut 1943
Mefara #2167 Chestnut 1943
Jackpot Pandaara #67469 1970 grey mare Maarlastra #44601 grey 1967 Maar-Rab #17602 Grey 1960
Mailatrah #2402 Bay 1942
Jackpot Saanura #29202 Grey 1964 Baarsaan #12327 Grey 1957
Khuzura #4956 Chestnut 1948

Ohio artist Karen Bremmer came for a farm visit and took some photos while here in 2004. Daara was honored as the subject of one of her amazing paintings. Karen works in oils. Her realistic horses have a surreal quality created by her use of translucent layers of pure colors to create her wonderful paintings. Karen does beautiful portraits on commission as well.    

To contact her or learn more about her work, go to her website at


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