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The Pink Halter modeled by Ahmeds Char Serra

Yes, We have the famous "Pink Halter." This halter was purchased at the Pasha Institute's silent action held a few years back during our "Gathering of the Tribes" activities during the the final days of the February Scottsdale show. The last few minutes of auction activity was frantic as usual as each of us guarded and upped our bids on the treasures we sot.  

Elizabeth Dawsari was distracted at the last minute by a co-conspirator as my name became the final bid on the pink halter list. I believe that Carol Lyons, Jan Sorrel and Sheila Harmon were also being distracted by a last minute bid on other items they were watching.  We all wanted a halter that would bring us fillies!


Silent auctions are a lot of fun, we have even been known to auction off a tube of Chocolate chip cookie dough that the winner Pat O'Donnell then syndicated by selling spoon shares raising even more money for the group!  We all sat up into the late hours, talked horses and laughing while eating chocolate chip cookie dough. 

The pink halter that came complete with a petite pink horseshoe hanging hook was donated by Pat and Cheryl O'Donnell (Babson/Brown and Babson breeders in Indiana) who currently have possession of the "Filly Wand," another silent auction prize. The only trick with the "Filly Wand" is the mare must be touched daily with the pink sequined and ribboned wand. It also requires complete faith in its powers. Missing a day may bring you a colt! They were diligent with Jusera and she gave them a beautiful 2002 filly. This filly adds another much needed female to the Babson/Julian group of Babson Brown horses. Jusera retires with this filly. Their other foal this year was a black Babson colt. They confess to missing a day with that one, but a black colt is something to celebrate as well. 

I suspect that a future Silent Auction will have a Pink Halter in it and maybe some chocolate chip cookie dough. One thing we can always be sure of finding is a lot of fun at these auctions.




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