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I frequently find "Heart Rocks" here at the farm.  Just small rocks that are roughly shaped like hearts.  Some of them are truer shaped hearts when still in the ground with the dirt helping make the heart shape.  Others are seen as hearts due to the light and shadows that shape them.  Some are just as they appear... nicely shaped easily recognizable hearts.  
  I think of them as messages that everything will be all right.  Sometimes they come when I am feeling overwhelmed and they remind me that I will get through what ever it is.  Sometimes they come when we are celebrating a new foal.  Other times they come when I am thinking of a friend from long ago or someone else's life challenges.  I often carry one in my pocket as a reminder that something does not have to be perfect to be just what's needed.  They are "gifts of the heart."
I found an unusual gift from one of my Babsons over the weekend.  I found it in the open on hard dirt, no other "meadow muffins" near, on a path I frequently walk.  The horses were all up for irrigation and I had been over that path many times since they had been out.  I found it on the 3rd time I walked that path within a half hour.  I had not seen it on any previous passing.  It came to me just when it was meant to, no sooner. Can you say E-BAY ???

Ceniza is a sweetheart!  She is celebrating her 21st birthday!  (2010)  

I believe this was a gift from one of our mares, Almoraima Ceniza who had been doing some "landscaping" (weed eating) in that area a week or so earlier.  

No way to know for sure as she only smiled when I asked her about it.  Babsons are such talented horses!!!


Me!  Why do you think it was me!

"She who does not see Elvis in her tree bark"
Ceniza also has a great sense of humor!

 Me!!!!  Surely Not!!!

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