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Bint Roulett - Super Model!

Bint Roulett has worked as a model! 


When I was approached for using one of my mares as a try-on and ad model for a local seamstress who was making Spandex hoods for show horses, Bint Roulett was a natural choice.  She is very calm, very accepting of new situations and most of all enjoys getting a lot of attention.  

She would happily stand unhaltered while armloads of hoods were pulled on over her head, often covering her eyes and whole head for minutes as the fit was adjusted, eye holes drawn with chalk and the prototype hoods were marked for changes.


This modeling experience came in handy later when I put up a surveillance camera to help me with the 2003 foal watch.  It was discovered that not surprisingly that very dark horses become nearly invisible against the dark of the night.  Even the lights I had set up to watch her were not much help.  While she was visible when looking out the window, she was not visible on the TV screen.  

Finally remembering that I had a lavender hood from her "modeling days", the problem was solved.  When wearing the light colored hood her head and shoulders could be seen on the camera!  

She looked a bit less svelte in her attire than she did in her modeling days but she happily squeezed into it every evening to be rewarded with one of her favorite cookies.  

A photo of the TV screen

Of course since she did not know she was being so carefully watched, she waited until daytime until she had eye contact with both Bruce and I to begin foaling.  The happy result was Khebirs Amira.


Bint Roulett     Khebirs Amira 

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