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On the morning of March 21st, 1996, at the very convenient hour of 9:30 AM, Almoraima Ceniza brought a tall dark filly into our lives. She danced and played in the straw that first day under cloudy skies. However, the next morning brought bright sunshine and the unseasonable promise of 85 degrees F. I worried that the heat might be a bit much for her in her unshaded pen. In search of a solution, I found a large 16' x 14' shade cloth tarp in the tack room. She could live as her ancestors had… in a black tent.

I took the folded tarp into the pen and tied the first edge to the 6 foot fence that was the west side. Ceniza was interested and curious but did not snort or act worried about my activities. I then tied the sides of the tarp to the sides on the pen, also 6 feet tall.

Ahmeds Aamala & her dam, Almoraima Ceniza - c  Diana Johnson photo 1996

Ceniza walked under it calmly taking her filly with her. The breeze was lifting and flapping the tarp, dropping it almost on her wither. Perhaps ancestral memory gave her the reassurance to accept that this strange and active ceiling was not going to swallow her up. She nursed her filly and munched her hay quite happily.

As I wondered how to fasten the front edge, a very welcome visitor from the desert arrived and helped me stand a 16 foot pipe panel on end and tie the tarp edge to it. When tied to the foaling pen it lifted the front edge up ten feet creating a wonderful shady black tent. Ceniza and her filly were happily enjoying the new comforts of home not caring if their new home seem to “breathe” in the wind with a life of its own.

The visitor from the desert was Joy Randall whom I hadn’t seen in about a year and did not know was coming! She has a Blue Star stallion and desert-bred Saluki dogs. Joy lives about 40 miles west of us. She must have sensed that a black tent was coming alive at Bint Al Bahr!  

The desert breezes must carry more than we know…

Ceniza’s filly Aamala was 83 pounds at birth, 37½" tall with a 31" girth. Her only markings are 2 white hairs on her forehead. She is a very sweet, friendly filly with short deep dished face, long neck and compact body. She is a straight Babson Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd and Al Khamsa filly. The proud mom is Almoraima Ceniza (Ibn Saafadan x Ru Robin Sabbah).   She is sired by Ahmed Fabah (Fabah x Sereneh).

This sensible filly was named Ahmeds Aamala, which means “Ahmed’s Dream”. She was named by her new owner, Rivian Gardner of Tee Gee Arabians of Marengo, Illinois. It is a very suitable name as Rivian, whom we leased Ahmed Fabah from, has long dreamed of a Straight Babson daughter of Ahmed's to join her herd. 

We are very happy that we could send this very special filly to Rivian as a future bride of her Straight Babson stallion, Mahrouf’s Image (Mahrouf x Serr Rous Amira).  

Ahmeds Aamala in Illinois   

3 years old 


   Ahmeds Aamala

1996 Filly
Babson Egyptian
Sheykh Obeyd
Al Khamsa

Ahmed Fabah Fabah *Fadl
*Bint Bint Sabbah
Sereneh Ibn Fa-Serr
Serr Abba

Almoraima Ceniza

Ibn Saafadan Saafaddan
Daal Aba
Ru Robin Sabbah Ru Fadl Shadow
Ru Sabbah

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