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Sah Bahrou Sudana's 2010 Babson Colt

 February 25, 2010 - March 29, 2010


      Born prematurely, we lost him at 4 weeks old after fighting for 5 months to save his life.  He had casts on all four legs due to immature leg bones and needed to be lifted up to nurse every 45 minutes day and night then picked up again and laid down for naps between meals.  Once up, he could walk about on his own.  When full of milk and ready to sleep, he walked to his bed and lowered his head asking to be lowered onto his bermuda hay mattress.  We lifted him up and laid him gently down. His momma ate the mattress out from under him while he slept, leaving only a thin fringe around him by his next nursing time.  


Just when we were very close to success we lost him.  A routine bandage change and x-ray revealed he had ruptured a tendon in the support bandaged leg since the last x-rays.  

These outdoor photos were taken the day before we lost him.  He felt great and was so happy to be out and to have the traction of the grassy area to enable him to get up and lay down on his own.  He was a brave and beautiful colt and is much missed.  



He was intended to be registered as Sudan Sharif.  Sharif was premature due to early placental separation due to a blood vessel hemorrhage first discovered in mid November of 2009.  It was thought that this occurrence would terminate the pregnancy right away but days then weeks and finally months past and Sudana was still carrying her foal.   Sudana was watched day and night from mid November to the late February delivery.  She held until day 320 of pregnancy.  Delivery was normal. 

Sharif was 75 lbs at birth and his heart, lungs and brain were mature but x-rays showed he still need to finish calcifying the bones in his legs.  Casts were put on to protect his joints until the calcification is complete.  Bruce slept by him at night to assist him then went to work and I took over.  As he grew the casts needed to be removed at least weekly, x-rays taken and casts reset.  

We celebrated with him when 3 of the casts were no longer needed.  He was about 200 lbs by then so his help in getting up and down was needed especially during my hours.  After the 3 casts were removed we only had to hold his harness and tell him "up" and provide a steadying hand on the harness and he would leap to his feet.  Laying him down after nursing still involved some lifting but much easier than before.  He needed us for massage/flexing therapy to help those joints long immobilized by casts to become flexible.   

We want to thank those few people involved in his life for their help, concern and support.  We apologize for not including other breeders in Sharif's story as it was happening.  We shared the news of him only on a "need to know" basis.  They were asked not to share the news until we had a happy ending and the foaling season concluded.  There were other breeders who were concerned about early births from their mares.  (All have since safely delivered)  We did not want them to worry that Sharif's premie challenges could also be their own path.  We were exhausted and just getting through each day and night was hard enough.  We thank you for your patience and understanding of our silence.

Sudan Sharif,  You will forever hold pieces of our hearts.

"Sudan Sharif"

Bay 2010 Babson Colt

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 Black    04/28/1982

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Bint Gammousa #26189 Bay 1963
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Bay 04/12/1971
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Bint Gammousa #26189 Bay 1963

Sah Barou Sudana 

#550919 Bay 4/1/97

Sah Hasim Khabar #415614 bay 4/17/88 Char Serr #28231 black 9/7/64 Negem #11461 5/25/56
Serra #12237 grey 4/20/67
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Fadaah #25299 4/11/63
Mah Bah Roufa #502125 bay 5/9/92 Mahrouf #83235 Ch. 04/03/72 Fabah #6264 bay 5/09/50
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Bah Rous Amira #332350 3/31/85 Ibn Fa-Serr #17189 4/12/60
Bahrou #68992 bay 3/27/70



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