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What is a Without *Maaroufa Babson?

Today all Straight Babsons have *Fadl, *Bint Bint Sabbah  and *Bint Serra in their pedigrees. Only a handful of Straight Babsons do not also trace to the prolific Babson import mare *Maaroufa. *Maaroufa had 15 Babson foals and is widely represented in Babson lines. Preserving the Without *Maaroufa subgroup represents an interesting diversity subgroup within the Babson group.  

This group is referred to as Without *Maaroufa (or in the past non-*Maaroufa) as what defines this group is not having *Maaroufa in the pedigree.  While this is a rare subgroup, it is not more important or more special than any other subgroup within the Babson group.  (Every Babson is part of some subgroup.)  It is just different and it's importance lies in the diversity that it offers to the future of the Babson group.

Ahmed Fabah  (Fabah x Sereneh)

Ahmed Fabah

Dahma Saafada (Kamal Ibn Fabo X Masada Faadana) 1991 mare

The goal in preserving the  Without *Maaroufas is to  maintain this small subgroup with as much bloodline diversity as possible and to make its influence available for future breeders to use in their programs.

The Without *Maaroufa subgroup population entering the year 2000 included 10 mares and 14 stallions.   The highest replacement year in the decade of the 1990s was 1991 when 3 foals were born.  The 2005 breeding population census includes 4 stallions and 5 mares. 

Dahma Saafada


Without *Maaroufa Babsons
(updated 2012)

(Last foal status from DataSource)

-------------    Frozen semen

Ahmed Fabah #83239 (Fabah x Sereneh) - Deceased/Frozen semen   photos

----------  Stallions in the 2013 breeding population

Masada el Fasab #477682 (Fa Asar x Zahara Sabiya) 1991 grey (tested fertile but no foals) photos
Masada Sabar # 510582 (Fa Asar x Zahara Sabiya) 1994 black (last foal 2006)
Ahmed Fabo #555794 (Ahmed Fabah x Dahma Saafada) 1998 Bay (last foal 2006) photos



----------  Mares in the 2013 breeding population

Masada Malina #550970 (Masada Samhan x Masada Anisah) 1997 black (last foal 2011)  
Serra Sereneh #565085 (Ahmed Serrfadden x Nefer Tiye) 1999 bay (last foal 2005)  photos

Serra Khedena #622247 (Ahmed Fabo x Serra Sereneh) 2005 bay  (not bred yet)   photos

The Without *Maaroufas of Bint al Bahr

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