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1991  -  2003

Almoraima Sarita was here on lease from Beati Wallawach for 1997 through 1999.  Sarita was foaled in New York, bred by Almoraima Farms.  Her shining chestnut coat has the frosty touches of roan and the white tail head attributed to the strong influences of *Bint Bint Sabbah blood in her pedigree.

Sarita's sire Mah Deluque  is a strong moving stallion with a lofty trot. Mah Deluque's full brother, Mah Hab (represented in our herd by  Bint Roulett), shared this eye-catching action. Their sire, Mahrouf, was a Champion Park horse. Sarita moves as her pedigree dictates with strong, smooth bold action.

Almoraima Sarita - 1999 Diana Johnson photo


Sarita’s dam, LCA Bint Serabah, is a 3/4 sister to our treasured 1970 stallion, Serabaar. Serabaar and LCA Bint Serabah share the same dam, Serabah, and Sarita’s sire is by Serabaar’s sire, Ibn Fa-Serr. We were very pleased to have this opportunity to bring this special connection to Serabaar into our program. (See Horse Stories - Serabaar Breeding Program)

Sarita had her first foal in 1998, Rabdan al Bahr, a lovely bay colt by Midbar Fa Rabdan.  He was sold as a foal but was sadly lost at 2 years old due to eating a toxic plant.   He was a strong mover coming by his bold fancy trot honestly from both his sire and his dam. He is much missed by his loving owners.


LCA Bint Serabah - 1997 Diana Johnson Photo


Her 1999 colt Serr Serabaar, was by our  Dressage and Working Hunter Champion Babson Stallion Ibn Sabbah Bedu+//.  He is named for his grandsire Serabaar.  He carries crosses to Serabah, Serabaar's dam through both his sire and his dam.

Serr Serabaar is owned Sheila Harmon of Destiny Arabians in Eagle Idaho.   He is under saddle and being bred to Sheila's Pritzlaff Sheykh Obeyd mares.  

Serr Serabaar - Sheila Harmon photo  

Sarita's  2000 foal was born in  the fall  after she returned home to Serra Vista Arizona.  She is a full sister to Serr Serabaar.  Beati Wallawach of Sunset Hill Arabians named the lovely bay filly SSH Serahsabbah.  She will  join Ati's Babson broodmare group to be bred to Sunset Hill's Babson stallions in the future.

Sarita is missed by all who knew her.

SSH Serahsabbah - 2009 Diana Johnson photo

More photos of SSH Serahsabbah   


Almoraima Sarita
Grey 04/22/1991

Mah Deluque #252934
Grey 05/09/1982
Mahrouf #83235
Chestnut 04/03/1972
Fabah #6264 Bay  05/09/1950 
Aaroufa #7892 Bay 05/28/1953
Bah Habba #125445
Grey 06/30/1975
Fabah #6264 Bay 05/09/1950
Serr Habba #58191 Grey 7/31/1975
LCA Bint Serabah #193184 Bay   04/24/1979 Serr Rou #125450
Chestnut 05/06/1975
Ibn Fa Serr #17189 Grey 4/12/1960
Bahrou #68992 Bay 3/27/1971
Serabah #19243
Black 04/07/1961
Fabah #6264 Bay 05/09/1950
Fasera #10286 Black 4/12/1955

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