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1968 - 1998

Charab was born at the Krausnik's Char- Shar Arabians in Nebraska.  He was owned in his long life by several breeders but spent over 20 years in the ownership of Phyllis Ramsey of Terrebonne Oregon.  
Charab was the only foal for his dam Shar Negroufa who died the day after he was born.  

Charab was in his sire's first foal crop.  Fa-Serrab sired 32 foals, with foals in the Babson/*Turfa and Babson/Sirecho breeding groups as well as SBE.  Fa-Serrab sired only four SBE foals, three stallions and one mare.  The most prolific SBE lines from Fa-Serrab come through his daughter Ru Sabbah's daughters


Charab was a sireline Fabah stallion through Fa-Serrab.  Fa-Serrab sired 40 purebred Arabian foals.  Of those six were Straight Babson Egyptian (SBE), all full siblings, three stallions and three mares, from Mahroufs Amira (Mahrouf x Serr Rous Amira) bred by the Babson Farm.

Charab #50582
Bay   04/21/1968

Fa-Serrab #25303
Bay 06/20/1963
Fabah #6264  Bay 05/09/1950 *Fadl #896  Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894 Bay 1930
Serr Abba #15334  Black  04/21/1959 Fa-Serr #4482 Black 7/10/1947
Fa-Abba #7048 Bay 05/11/1951
Shar Negroufa #25424
Bay   04/07/1963
Negem #11461  Black 05/25/1956 Fa-Serr #4482 Black 7/10/1947
Fay-Negma #1584 Gr  5/17/1938
Fad Roufa #8839  Grey 05/21/1953 Faddan #1172 Bay 6/04/1935
Fay Roufa #1658 Gr  4/26/1939


Charab's daughters were Charabs Amira (1989 bay), Charabs Amurra (1990 bay) and Charabs Amora (1991 chestnut).  

Of her three SBE foals Charabs Amira is represented in today's SBE population only by her 2002 daughter Charabs Sharroufa by Ser Mah Habba.  Her sons Amiras Mahajja (1996) and ERA Armani (1997) are both happy working geldings.  

Charabs Amurra had four SBE foals, two sons and two daughters as well as three grandfoals.  Of those in 2010 only one Khebirs Akelah (from her daughter Charabs Sharifa) remains in the SBE breeding population.  Amurra's 1997 son by Ser Mah Habba, Canasta Khebir is alive and well loved as an athletic gelding.  

Only one foal was born to Charabs Amora, a 1995 daughter, Char Iswad Malaka, sired by Char Iswad (Negem x Serra).  

Each Charab daughter is represented in the 2010 (July)  SBE breeding population by only one daughter each.  None have bred on yet (2010) to the next generation.


Charab's three sons are  Amiras Ibn Charab (1992 chestnut), Amiras Jerri (1994 chestnut) and Amiras Jawad (1995 chestnut).  Amiras Ibn Charab is replaced with a daughter Chars Tahlia.  Amiras Jerri did not bred on.  Amiras Jawad has sired 4 SBE foals (As of 2010 - listed below).

The Charab line was once considered in recovery but recently it has become an increasingly rare line.   We have only 6 mares and 4 stallions that carry a line to Charab in the SBE population as of July 2010.  The good news for this group is because it is a "with group"  any SBE foal born to any of the horses listed will add to the herd list.  (see the article "With and Without" in the book The Babson Influence: A Retrospective

Living registered SBE Arabians with a line to Charab as of July 2010

SBE Mares with Charab  

Char Iswid Malaka  (1995)  (Char Iswid x Charabs Amora)  (Lost unreplaced 2011)

Chars Tahlia  (1997)  (Amiras Ibn Charab x Mahroufs Amira)  

Charabs Sharroufa  (2002) (Ser Mah Habba x Charabs Amira)

Khebirs Akelah  (2007) (Bedu Sabir x Charabs Sharifa)  photos 

Amahria (2007)  (Amiras Jawad x Mahida)

Mahr Riana (2009)  (Amiras Jawad x Mahr Roufa)


SBE Stallions with Charab

Amiras Ibn Charab  (1992)  (Charab x Mahroufs Amira)

Amiras Jawad  (1995)  (Charab x Mahroufs Amira) 

Sahr Serr (2009)  (Amiras Jawad x SAH Shahrah)

Mahrias (2009)  (Amiras Jawad x Mahr Sabbah)


Coming hopefully soon - Photos of SBE Arabians of the Charab line 

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