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March 21, 1978  -  May 23, 2006


Ibn Lothar was 28 years when he went on to greener pastures.  “Lo” was a handsome bay Straight Babson Eygptian Heirloom Stallion. He was bred, owned and much beloved all his life by John and Betty Fippen. He spent the last days in retirement at Bint Al Bahr Babson Arabians enjoying the warmth of the Arizona sun. 

Ibn Lothar was such a historic horse... Imagine a grandson of *Fadl still with us 76 years after *Fadl was born in Egypt! That’s a lot of years in just two generations. His sire, the great endurance horse, Lothar was the last, the seventy-ninth, foal for his sire *Fadl. *Fadl was 24 years old when he sired Lothar. Lothar was 24 years old when he sired Ibn Lothar.


Ibn Lothar - 1991 John Fippen photo - Ibn Lothar won the 1991 USDF Illinois High Point Dressage Horse

Ibn Lothar - 1991 John Fippen Photo

“Lo” had no crosses to the prolific Babson sires Fabah and Ibn Fa-Serr. His pedigree was an outcross to most Babson pedigrees. Ibn Lothar sired many fine Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd and Heirloom foals who have bred on spreading his influence down the generations. Ibn Lothar epitomizes the ideal of the Desert Arabian: exquisitely chiseled beauty, balanced conformation, spirited yet gentle personality, well-rounded athleticism. Ibn Lothar was ridden in parades and endurance as well as shown in Western Pleasure and Dressage. “Lo” earned the 1991 USDF Illinois High Point and Grand Champion in dressage. 

I remember a story John Fippen told us about Ibn Lothar and Ibn Sabbah Bedu that occurred while they were showing at an Illinois dressage show. The boys were tied to the same side of a large 4 horse trailer and John Fippen was grooming one of them. A woman came by and commented on the “nice geldings.” Fippen who stood between the boys, smiled and reached down and lifted the tails aside. The woman gasped “Really Really Nice STALLIONS!” I suspect "the boys" were smiling too! 


Ibn Lothar - John Fippen photo

Ibn Lothar - 1991 John Fippen Photo

John Fippen told of the beginning of his strong bond to Ibn Lothar in this story. He was leading the yearling colt Ibn Lothar across the slick ice coated driveway to his morning turnout in the pasture. John slipped on the ice and the lead rope was lost from his hand as he fell. Ibn Lothar frightened by the unusual behavior in his trusted handler sped down the driveway to the road and disappeared. John tried and failed repeatedly to regain his footing. As he wondered what would become of the fleeing colt and how long it would be before someone came home to help him, he felt warm breath on his neck. Ibn Lothar had returned! John reached up with both hands and seized each side of the halter. Ibn Lothar calmly lifted and helped him to his feet and into the warm barn where he sat and realized his Ibn Lothar was something very special. 

In Canada on May 23rd 2006 at 5:45 AM a little black/grey Straight Babson filly took her first breath. Her owner/breeder Gayle Rowe named her Serra Bint Lothar. Her conception had created something of a mystery. Her dam AK Seramah (Mah Hab x AK Bint Serasaab) had been intentionally bred to both Ibn Lothar and his son Abbas Ibn Lothar (X Bint Roulett) on the same cycle. I had referred to the unborn foal after the first pregnancy check as “Whose your Daddy.” Gayle promptly corrected me with “That’s BINT Whose Your Daddy!”  And so she was known until her birth when she proved indeed she was a Bint. The DNA tests have determined that Ibn Lothar is the grandsire of this wonderful little filly.  Serra Bint Lothar is part of the small group of three mares and three stallions in the Straight Babson group who trace in any line of pedigree to Lothar.

Sadly Ibn Lothar went to greener pastures on the day this bright filly was born. It was an honor to have shared our lives with that grand old stallion even if rather briefly. Thank you to Betty and Cheryl Fippen for sending him to us. "Lo" was a beautiful gentleman, regal and proud. It was thrilling to see his wonderful sensitive sculpted head looking out over the stall door waiting for another refill of his Equine Senior. He is greatly missed.

Diana Johnson 

Ibn Lothar -  1999

Ibn Lothar - 1991



Ibn Lothar
Ibn Lothar-  1999 -  21years young Ibn Lothar - 1997



Ibn Lothar #173006
Bay 03/21/1978 

Lothar #10089
Roan 08/13/1955
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan RAS*86 Chestnut 1917 Rabdan RAS# 49 Grey 
Bint Gamila RAS# 60 Grey 
Mahroussa EGYPT*115 Grey 1920 Mabrouk   Egypt  #73 
Negma RAS #45   Grey 
Habba #3390
Grey 06/17/1930
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930 Ibn Rabdan RAS*86 Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa EGYPT*115 Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah Bay 03/18/1930 Bayiad  RAS  Grey
Bint Sabbah EGYPT  Bay
Shar Sabbah #39175
Bay 06/04/1966
Negem #11461
Black 05/25/1956
Fa-Serr #4482 Black 07/10/1947 *Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930
*Bint Serra #897  Bay 03/03/1923
Fay Negma #1584 Grey 05/17/38 Fay El Dine #1170  Grey 05/01/1934
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931
Gammousa #3887
Bay 03/30/1946
*Fadl #896 Grey 06/17/1930 Ibn Rabdan RAS*86 Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa EGYPT*115 Grey 1920
Fay-Sabbah #1583 Bay 05/15/38 Fay El Dine #1170  Grey 05/01/1934
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894  Bay 05/19/1930


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