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2002 Straight Babson Egyptian Gelding


Mah Hab El Dine dancing in yellow flowers!

Mah Hab El Dine is well named.  The first part of his name comes from his paternal grandsire the beautiful Mah Hab. The "El Dine" part of his name is in honor of his maternal grandsire Char Mahrsab who was the last Fay-el-Dine sireline stallion.  Fay-el-Dine (*Fadl x *Bint Serra) was the first stallion born (1934) to the 1932 Egyptian Babson imports.   While the elegant Fay-el-Dine is well represented in other Babson pedigree lines it has been lost as a sireline (top line of the pedigree).     

His sire Harou - 2008 at 15 years       Amirah El Dine and Mah Hab El Dine - day 1

"Hobby" looks a lot like his sire and is well started under saddle.  He was trained using Natural Horsemanship.  While the following photos show he is willing to relax and wait for direction from his rider, he is also quite athletic. 

2005 photos



Mah Hab El Dine as a yearling

Hobby is looking for a partner to finish and love him.  Hobby is a beautiful athlete with a wonderful loving temperament.  Hobby has participated in a Californios ranch roping clinic and been lightly worked with cattle. 

Mah Hab El Dine has easily completed numerous trail hazards, such as crossing a narrow bridge, pulling a log, having a whip cracked from his back, and navigating very steep terrain.  Hobby is surefooted, very smart and eager to please.

Hobby’s dam Amirah El Dine is a great trail horse, and his grandsire Mah Hab was successful in dressage.  Hobby has the mind and ability to be successfully finished in any equestrian discipline.

Mah Hab El Dine  
SBE Bay Gelding 
May 19, 2002

#498326 Bay 1993
Mah Hab #210532
Bay 04/18/1980
Mahrouf #83235 Chest.  4/03/1972
Bah Habba #725445 Gr.  6/30/1975
Aziza Bint Roufas #405860 Bay  1988 Roufas #25307 Grey  1963
Roulett #174262  Bay  04/04/1978
Amirah El Dine  #528294 Bay 1995 Char Mahrsab 
#97374 Bay 1973
Mahrouss #9374 Grey 1954
Shar Sabbah #39175 Bay 1966
Ser Amirah 
#367724 Bay 1986
Amir Ibn Faserr #147266 Bay 1978
Roulett #174262  Bay  04/04/1978

Just a few horses from his pedigree are below. 
Follow the pedigree links above for more.

Mahrouf with trainer Carolyn Gardner up.
Mahrouf winning regional Park Championship Fay-El-Dine -  Homer Watson up  -  Joe Towle photo


Roufas - National Top Ten performance

Amir Ibn Faserr


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