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1989 - 2009


Almoraima Neblina was one of 6 SBE foals (2 sons and 4 daughters) of Ibn Saafaddan.  She is one of 5 SBE foals (3 daughters and 2 sons) for her dam Marlaroufa.   Neblina's pedigree is tail female to *Maaroufa and of the rare Faddan sireline through Saafaddan.  (There are no more SBE stallions of this branch of the Faddan sireline)

Born in Goshen New York, she was bred by Nelson and Sefi Ruiz of Almoraima Farm.  She left New York at 4 years old to become the foundation SBE mare for Elizabeth Dawsari.  

Almoraima Neblina with Randy Rutledge up at her home in New River AZ.

From her owner Elizabeth Dawsari...

"Neblina was everything Nick (King) and I ever wanted in a horse. She was intelligent, kind, gentle, predictable, and amazingly athletic."


"She also was the perfect broodmare.  When he saw her some years ago, Joe Ferriss characterized her perfectly, saying, 'Neblina looks just like the old time Bedouin war mare.'

In addition to the trail of love she left behind, Neblina’s legacy includes daughters Fa Maarlina (by Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/) and Fa Daahlina (by Ibn Mahrouf), and son Fa Lothar Azaba (by Abbas Ibn Lothar)."

Almoraima Neblina in 1995 with owner Elizabeth Dawsari     

Almoraima Neblina 1994 photos

 at Bint al Bahr Babson Arabians. Almoraima Neblina in 2003


Almoraima Neblina had 6 SBE foals. The first, a filly, "Fay Rouz" (1994 by Almoraima Alazan) was lost at about 2 weeks old despite heroics so was never registered.  Her next four foals were the fillies, Fa Khebrina (1997 by Bedu Sabir), Fa Maarlina (1998 by Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/), Fa Daahlina (2000 by Ibn Mahrouf) and Fa Saarlina (2002 by Masada Ben Asar).  Her last foal was her son Fa Lothar Azaba  (2004 by Abbas Ibn Lothar).  

Neblina's kids     Your cursor placed on the photos will give more information about the subject


Sadly the beautiful Fay Rouz did not live long enough to register despite heroics. Elaine Yerty photo  Sadly Khebrina was lost as a yearling.

"Fay Rouz" (1994 by Almoraima Alazan)

Fa Khebrina (1997 by Bedu Sabir)


Frank Bochansky 2007 photo at Elaine Yerty's in Texas. "Dahli" is now with Clo Nollett in France.
Fa Maarlina  (1998 by Ibn Sabbah Bedu+/) Fa Daahlina  (2000 by Ibn Mahrouf)


Biggi Hayes photo at 8 months.  Tragically Saarlina died as a yearling.          Under saddle and quite the gentleman

Fa Saarlina (2002  by Masada Ben Asar)

Fa Lothar Azaba  (2004 by Abbas Ibn Lothar)


I first saw Neblina in the fall of 1989 as a frisky weanling.  She danced and bounced across a pasture at Nelson and Sefi Ruiz's Almoraima Arabian Farm in Goshen New York with our Almoraima Ceniza.   Neblina grew up to be a lovely sweet mare.   So pleased she was here in AZ so I got to know her.- DMJ    - - -   A photo of her from 1989 will be added soon.


 Almoraima Neblina


June 20, 1989

Ibn Saafaddan
Grey 04/09/1976
Saafaddan #13488
Bay 06/1958
Faddan #1172 Bay  6/1935
Saaba #8835 Bay  5/1953
Daal Aba #47023
Grey 03/1968
Daaldan #2608 Ch.  3/1943
Fay El Aba #8833 Gr. 5/1953
Marlaroufa #286608 Bay  04/07/1983 Mahrouf #83235
Bay 04/03/1972
Fabah #6264 Bay 05/09/1950
Aaroufa #7892 Gr.  05/16/1952
Bint Bah Roufa #19242 Bay  06/29/1975 Ibn Fa-Serr #17189 Gr 4/12/1960
Bah Roufa #19242 Ch 7/20/1961


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