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1997 - 2001

Ahmed Serr-Fabah as a foal - 1997 Diana Johnson photo

Ahmed Serr-Fabah was Dahma Saafada's second foal.  He was part of the rare Without *Maaroufa subgroup of Babsons.  He was started under saddle and had great potential in dressage.

We lost Ahmed Serr-Fabah to a leaf of Oleander that was baled into his hay.  More on that below.

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Ahmed Serr-Fabah - Yearling photo - 1998 Diana Johnson photo Ahmed Serr-Fabah at 3 years old - 2000 Diana Johnson photo


Ahmed Serr-Fabh and Abbas Ibn Lothar saddled and wearing "Foster Grants"- Both are Babson stallions - 2000 Diana Johnson photo

Ahmed Serr-Fabah being ridden in a halter by Randy Sandidge - 2001 Diana Johnson photo

Ahmed Serr-Fabah and Randy Sandidge - 2000 Diana Johnson photo
Ahmed Serr-Fabah was tragically lost to an Oleander leaf that came baled in his hay.  There are no Oleander plants anywhere near our farm.  The scary thing is all it takes for a leaf to get into my or your hay supply is for leaves to fall or be blown by the wind into an irrigation ditch and be carried in the water into the hay field then be bailed up in the hay.  

The leaves may have come from the ornamental plant growing near the ditch or from a pruned branch  that fell from a landscaper's truck going down the road. It is not likely the hay farmer will even know that this has occurred as the leaves could float several blocks or further to get to the field.   


Note the irrigation ditch below this plant and the hay field beyond.  My hay did not come from this field.

Symptoms are similar to colic but Banamine is not the drug to give as it teams with the Oleander toxins to attack the kidneys.  The lab work from Ahmed Serr-Fabah saved the lives of the two colts that  came down with the same symptoms a couple days later.  Another lab confirmed that Oleander was found in the hay samples. The remaining hay was destroyed and the supplier was contacted by our vet.

Oleanders are deceptive plants. They are beautiful and hardy in the desert heat as well as rich in color and texture, but all parts of the plant - leaves, stems, flowers and sap are poisonous and can irritate the skin.  Inhaling smoke from burning oleander debris is like inhaling rat poison.  They are readily available at any nursery in their growing area.  There are many related plants growing in southern states that are also toxic.


Ahmed Serr-Fabah 



Ahmed Fabah  #83239
Grey 06/14/1972

Fabah #6264
Bay 05/09/1950
*Fadl #896
Grey 06/17/1930
Ibn Rabdan  Chestnut 1917
Mahroussa  Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah #894
Bay 05/19/1930
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Grey 06/01/1968
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Grey 04/12/1960
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Serr Abba #15334
Black 04/21/1959
Fa-Serr #4482  Black 07/10/1947
Fa-Abba #7048  Bay 05/11/1951

Dahma Saafada #471837
Black Bay 03/10/1991

Kamal Ibn Fabo #381189
Black Bay 04/12/1987
Fabo #22998
Black 08/01/1962
Fabah #6264  Bay 05/09/1950
Misimma #12158  Black 04/07/1957
Serr Beth #125446
Bay 07/11/1975
Ibn Fa-Serr #17189  Grey 4/12/1960
Sera Beth #31706  Black 4/23/1968
Masada Faadana #216089
Bay 05/21/1980
Ibn Saafaddan #133116
Grey 04/09/1976
Saafaddan #13488  Bay 06/07/1958
Daal Aba #47023  Grey 03/05/1968
Masada Serrasaada #91610 Bay 3/19/1973 Saafaddan #13488  Bay 06/07/1958
Daal Aba #47023  Grey 03/05/1968

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